For the natives born under the sign of the Maiden, the Sun governs the twelfth house of expenditures and foreign connections and will be positioned in their sixth house of challenges, competition and diseases. This position of the Sun will provide auspicious and positive results for the Virgo natives.

Students born under this sign preparing for the competitive and government exams are likely to achieve desired results and good grades during this transit. You will succeed in all the cases pending in the court of law. This period will also help in conquering enemies, and you will easily overcome your difficulties and problems.

Professionally, at this time, you will believe in enhancing your skills, try to improve your time management ability, learn from your past mistakes and gain experience from them, which will help you to make improvements in increasing your confidence, competence and proficiency at your workplace. This will get you noticed amongst your senior authorities and is likely to win you recognition and appreciation from them. As being the twelfth house lord of foreign and directly aspecting its own house, the Sun in this cycle is likely to provide opportunities to travel abroad for many of the Virgo natives.

In terms of health, overall a good period and will help you subside many of the previous illnesses. But, still, no negligence on this part should be there, avoid spicy, fried food in this duration, otherwise, you might face problems related to stomach, digestion etc. Overall, a great transit that will help you accomplish pending tasks and put you on the road to success.

Remedy – Bow down in the east direction daily in the morning. This will bring you auspicious results as the Sun is the lord of east direction.