Leo natives will host the Sun, which is their ascendant in the seventh house of partnerships, marital relations and vocations. The Sun from this house will directly aspect the ascendant, increasing its strength, which indicates that your aura, charisma, and authority will increase much during this transit. This transit will also have a favorable impact on your health and well being. Your stamina, immunity and vitality are going to increase in this duration which will help you recover from any illness or disease easily. You are likely to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and full of energy during this period, which will rub off positively in terms of health.

Profession wise, you will be confident, ambitious and clear in your approach in this duration. Your leadership qualities coupled with great administration and management capabilities are likely to make you pull off difficult tasks and endeavors with ease. Businessmen are also likely to benefit from this transit. Those in public dealing, consultancy and travel sectors will witness a boom in their business.

For personal life, a good time for the eligible natives as their desire for someone special will finally be fulfilled during this time period. In terms of married life, though the Sun in this position indicates that though you will be protective and generous towards your loved one during this period and they are going to be instrumental in contributing towards your success. But, there are going to be some temperamental differences and ego clashes between you two. So, when that happens keep your cool and maintain proper decorum in your behavior.

However, with the placement of the planet Sun, you will be willing to cooperate and harmonize with people around you, which will enhance your image in the society.

Remedy- Taking blessings from your father before leaving for any important task.