Apart from the thoughts going on in the subconscious mind, dreams also indicate future events . In Sapna Shastra, the auspicious and inauspicious meanings of every type of dream have been told . There are some dreams, whose coming is a clear indication of the coming of happiness, wealth, opulence and opulence in life . According to the dream science , not all but some dreams are such that they are related to our future . Often we have very scary dreams at times, but not necessarily all scary dreams give inauspicious signs . In fact, there are many such scary dreams which give us auspicious signs .Let’s know what are the scary dreams that give auspicious signs

If you see a burning manifest or
according to the dream science, if you see a burning object in your dream, then this dream gesture is related to your monetary gains . This means that you are going to make money soon .

If you see the death of a close
person, if you see the death of a close person in your dream, then it itself indicates that whatever crisis has come upon that person, has been averted and the income of that person has increased . If you see suicide in the dream

Seeing yourself or someone else committing suicide in a dream is a good sign . If the person who sees such a dream is apparently ill for a long time, then on the basis of this dream indication , he can get well soon . Meaningful

or dead body
seen in the dream If you see a dead body or a funeral procession in the dream, then according to the dream scripture your fate is going to wake up . If someone who is clearly sick sees such a dream, it means that he is going to get well soon .

See your own severed head or injury in
the dream of dream scriptureAccording to this, if you see your own severed head in your dream , it means that you will get financial benefits . If you see a head injury in your dream, it means that you can get back the money which has been stuck for a long time or you are going to get success in the work you are trying .