The Sun governs the eleventh house of success, profits, gains and social status and will be positioned in your fifth house of progeny, intellect, education, speculative interests, love and romance. This cycle of the Sun will bring in mixed results for the natives born under the sign of the scales.

Professionally and financially, this period will bring in many opportunities to enhance your income and status, as the Sun present in the fifth house is directly aspecting its own eleventh house of riches and success. You are also likely to achieve great benefits from government and administration.

As the Sun is present in the eighth position of changes from the tenth house of career and profession, it is likely to bring changes in the form of sudden transfers or change in designation for many of the Libran natives. But, be sure that these changes are happening for the better, and you are likely to get favorable results later on. Many of the natives trading in stock markets, metals are likely to register huge margins during this tenure.

However, if you are married, then the behavior of the kids may become a source of your stress and mental agony. They may act more stubborn than usual, which may be a cause of strife and differences between you and your children. So, deal with the situation with tact and diplomacy. In matters of love and romance, this period is not likely to produce favorable results. You both might get involved in clashes over some trivial matters during this time period.

Remedy- Practice “Surya namaskar” early in the morning.