According to astrology, onyx gemstone helps to pacify Rahu. Apart from this, people who have Shani dosha in their horoscope can also wear Onyx. This will reduce the ill-effects of Saturn. Onyx gemstone is considered to be the gem of Moon. Therefore, wearing this gemstone also gets rid of Chandra Dosha. Know which people wearing onyx can prove beneficial.

These people can wear onyx gems

  • The natives in whose horoscope Rahu is sitting at high position. For those people wearing onyx is like icing on the gold. By wearing onyx, they will get money and spoiled work will start happening.
  • According to astrology, people whose birth chart has Rahu in the first, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth and tenth house can wear Onyx. This will also strengthen the position of Rahu in his horoscope.
  • If the position of Rahu in the horoscope is in the eleventh house other than the second, then those people can wear Onyx.
  • Onyx will prove to be lucky for you if Rahu is placed in a high position in your horoscope.
  • The people of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius can wear Onyx. This will benefit them.
  • If Rahu is in a debilitated place in the horoscope, due to which the work gets spoiled, then he can wear Onyx gemstone with the advice of astrology. This will also correct the position of Rahu.
  • People making a career in politics can also wear onyx.
  • According to astrologers, people making a career in advocacy can also wear Onyx.

how to wear onyx gemstone

Onyx can be worn on a ring made of silver or Ashtadhatu. Apart from Arda, Shatabhisha, Swati Nakshatra, wearing this gem on Saturday is considered auspicious. If you are wearing Onyx on Saturday, then a day before that on Friday night, make a solution of Gangajal, milk and honey and put the ring in it. The next day, after retiring from all work, take a bath and take it out of milk, wash it with Ganges water and wipe it with a clean cloth. After this, chant Rahu’s mantra ‘Om Raah Rahave Namah’ 108 times and wear Onyx in the middle finger.