For the Scorpio moon sign, the Sun governs the house of career, profession, father, status, name and fame and will be transiting through the fourth house of mother, land, real estate, comforts and luxuries. This movement of the Sun can create a situation of conflict in your family, the main reason for this may be your egocentric behavior. Your stubbornness to make your presence felt everywhere and in everything. This can increase your tendency to control things or people, which may not go down well with your family and will result in friction between you and your family members. Also, the health of your mother may remain fragile during this cycle of the Sun.

However, this period will be very beneficial in terms of providing you with professional success as from the fourth house it is having a direct aspect on your tenth house of profession and career-making it strong and result oriented. This position will be highly favorable for the persons who are self-employed, freelancers or working from home. They are likely to have a busy month with the transit of the Sun in Aquarius. Also, people working in government or public sectors may receive long due promotions or increments during this period.

Healthwise, this position of the Sun is not considered auspicious and may provide with recurrent headaches, B.P, related problems. So, try to keep your aggression in check and maintain a proper sleeping routine to get positive results.

Remedy- Recite “ Surya Ashtakam” daily facing east direction in the morning.