Establishment of zodiac signs in the horoscope

The number of the zodiac sign that comes after the marriage zodiac sign is established in the first price of Kundli is placed anticlockwise i.e. in the second place of the horoscope, the zodiac sign after that is placed in the third place and the twelve zodiac signs are placed in the price of twelve. Suppose a person is born in a Virgo marriage, then the number 6 will be placed in the first place of the horoscope, which is the index of Virgo. 7 in the second place, 8 8 in the third place. Instead, the number 5 will come in the twelfth place, which is the index of Leo.

Establishment of the Moon in the horoscope

The zodiac sign in which Chandradev is located at the time of birth is called Chandra Rashi. The baby is usually named after the zodiac sign that has the moon in it, so the lunar sign is also called the birth sign of the child. Suppose a person is born in a Virgo marriage and the Moon is orbiting in Libra at that time, then the birth sign of the child will be called Libra and the Moon will be installed in the place where the Libra number will be in the horoscope i.e. in the second price of Kundalini.

Establishment of planets in the horoscope

The position of the other planets at that price is established according to the position of the planets in the earth cycle at the time of birth of the native. The position of the planets at that time can be obtained from the local calendar. In short the planets are established at the prices of the zodiac in which they are orbiting.

So friends, this was today’s talk. In the next issue, we will learn about the establishment of planets in the horoscope according to Lal Kitab Jyotish and what and how the Vedic method of divination differs from Lal Kitab Jyotish.

Aadit Shah