The rise and fall of the planets

All the planets orbiting the sun rise and set periodically. The planet which is visible to the inhabitants of the earth is called the rising planet and the planet which orbits the sun and moves towards the surface of the sun and is not visible is called the setting planet. Which planet rises and which planet sets can be known by the almanac.

Establishment of ascendent in horoscope

There are 12 zodiac signs from sunrise to sunset. The zodiac that rises in the east direction rises in the eastern horizon for about 2 hours according to 24 divided by 12 and then rises and then the next zodiac rises in the eastern horizon. The zodiac sign that is rising in the east at the time of birth of the native is considered to be the marriage of the horoscope and the digit of that zodiac sign is placed in the first house of the horoscope of the native.

– Aadit Shah