~ Shilpa shah, professor HKBBA college

According to astrology, everything that happens in the human life, world or in the universe is due to the planetary position, that is, changes in the universe, natural phenomena or natural calamities, as well as the ups and downs, joys and sorrows experienced in human life is because of planetary position. Astrology firmly believes that planetary position is also an important factor responsible for the ever-changing conditions in human life. According to the educated and intelligent people who are against astrology believe that planets never affect the living beings or the planets never disturb anyone. Only human beings stumble upon human beings. The planets move in the universe according to their rhythm and motion never affect a human or a living being. The fear of planet has been created by astrologers as a mean of earning. In fact, neither astrology nor the planets are so influential.

From a scientific point of view, Earth is one of the planets in the Solar System, as each of the planets separated from the Solar System over time, similarly many planets like Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu and Ketu exist in the planetary system. If the earth is separated from the sun then there must be some kind of definite connection between the sun and the earth. Humans inhabiting the earth are visually connected to the earth thus the limb of the sun is the earth and the limb of the earth is a human being or a living being so there is connection and dialogue between all the three.

Scientific research has shown that the survival of life is due to the existence of the sun as the sun is the source of energy. From which all living beings derive energy. It is a well-known fact that in the absence of the sun, it is impossible for life to survive. Humans get their vitamin D from sunlight. Our immune system is also dependent on solar energy. A person lived for fifteen years without eating and scientific research revealed that he was living on sunlight. The fact that our digestion decreases in the monsoon when the sun is less visible due to clouds shows that the sun affects the ecosystem. Numerous such scientific studies prove that the sun has an effect on the organism which is a planet.

In the same way the moon is a planet also has an effect on the ecosystem. Science has noted that lunar mutation affects the entire ecosystem. We have seen tides and oats in the ocean according to the motion of the moon that is the rise and fall of sea levels. This means that the moon affects the sea. There are similarities between the human body and the sea in terms of composition or constitution. Both contain water and salt (sodium). Now if the moon is affecting the ocean then why not humans? According to many scientific researches, more cases of insanity are reported in full moon day. The moon affects the human mind. According to astrology, the moon is the deity of the mind, the owner of the mind. The moon has a powerful effect on the state of mind. In 1904, GEOJARDI GEODY discovered a science called cosmic chemistry. According to which the whole universe is interconnected and affected by each other. Mutations in the sun affect living things all over the earth. The most mysterious element in the universe is water because any effect of space, constellations, planets on living beings is due to water. The connection between mother and baby in the womb is due to water. According to one study, most fish lay eggs on oatmeal days and after 15 days on tidal days the chicks hatch from the eggs and the sea waves carry them into the water inside. It is not known how the fish know the tides and the oats. The sensation of the moon is responsible for all this. The fish recognizes the sensation of the moon. The same reason is responsible for changing the region according to the season by the birds thus the planets affect the ecosystem. A sparrow in Japan leaves the region 24 hours before the earthquake due to the movement of planets and stars thus no life on the universe is isolated. All are connected to each other. The entire universe is one. In which one’s happiness depends on the other.

From a scientific point of view, if the sun and the moon affect human beings or living beings, which are both planets, then why can’t other planets affect humans? If we understand deeply, the reality is that the movement of the planets affects the human mind. Through which our thoughts are influenced. We all know that our thoughts determine our instincts, beliefs, temperament and nature. Life becomes like a healthy beautiful paradise if human thoughts, dispositions, beliefs remain positive and if thoughts, beliefs, dispositions, tendencies become destructive or negative then life can become extremely painful, insecure and unhealthy. The planets actually affect the human mind, thought, intellect and judgment. When thoughts are destructive and the intellect forces us to make improper decisions, when unethical improper decisions are made in life, then naturally there are upheavals in life will be experienced by all of us. For example, planet Jupiter is considered to be the deity or owner of intellect knowledge understanding and cognition. Jupiter’s orbit in a particular constellation or zodiac sign leads a person to education, reading or enlightenment. That is to say, naturally the human being awakens the desire to know and understand something special. Through which life changes naturally. Which must be called the effect of Jupiter planet. Just as a SATSUNG makes noticeable change in life as well as change in thought also become possible by coming in contact with a good person, so the positive planets make our thought-behavior and speech positive which makes our life easier and better.

Similarly, Mars is an electric current, a force, a strength that manifests in the human heart, which gives a person willpower. Gives the power to create from nothing. It is not acceptable for a Mars-influenced person to have someone else overtake him. If a person has such a personality, the influence of planets can be known through it. The true identity of the planets is hidden in the individual’s personality as each planet has a unique characteristic and according to that the personality of the human being is shaped. Saturn is the planet of shyness, a very slow planet that gives result with delay. Saturn is the planet holding the portfolio of destiny and karma. Who is the deity of justice, who is considered as the planet of fortune, Shani gives happiness to one who understands the value of time and also permits salvation. The noble influence of Jupiter and Saturn makes one always God-oriented so that liberation or salvation becomes natural. Bhakti-yoga-karma becomes easy for those who have strong Jupiter and Saturn. It can also make one a philosopher or super human. Saturn gives a pure character to a person. Strong Saturn explains the futility of the world to the human being so that true knowledge arises and freedom from attachment becomes possible. A noble state of heart is caused by Saturn as Saturn is discretion. Sun without Saturn in horoscope sometimes makes a person arrogant.

Moon without Saturn makes a person very fickle and unstable. Mars without Saturn makes a person reckless. Venus without Saturn makes a person a liar. In short Saturn is the true helmsman (captain). which takes care of all. Saturn does in life what brakes do in a car.

Similarly, Rahu has an overwhelming hold on the process of birth. All lusts are under the dominant influence of Rahu. Rahu does the work of tying the soul in the bonds of lust by laying a net of affection on the mind. That is why it is said that Rahu captures the Sun and the Moon in an eclipse. Rahu resides in the base root chakra from where desires and lust arises. Rahu’s empire lasts as long as the KUNDALINI’s power remains dormant. Ketu is the planet of salvation. Ketu resides in the crown chakra in the head. Rahu is the planet of affection and attachment while Ketu is the planet of awareness. When Rahu’s MAHADASHA is going on, even a competent person can get caught in the delusion of MAYA because at that time his cognition decreases, the attraction towards material subjects increases and the mind starts running after mirages. But with the passage of time, such tenderness of Rahu disappears and man realizes that he was running after mirages. It is said that the origin of diseases like cancer arises only in DASHA or ANTARDASHA of Rahu. In short Rahu is the cause of birth while Ketu is the cause of salvation. Rahu keeps track of many births. Rahu is the chain of births. Only Ketu can break this chain.

The special aspect of Venus makes the person excessively sexy, away from loyalty. A husband who cannot be faithful to his wife should check the position of Venus in horoscope. Mars-Rahu must remain present where bullying and fanaticism appear. One whose Rahu is inauspicious gets a bad neighbor so that the friction in life remains constant. Also Rahu makes life hypocritical. A weak Rahu also spoils old age. Deprives happiness of offspring. Rahu in fifth position creates interest in the subjects of knowledge and we know that such interest determines the direction of life. In short, the planets are nothing but light or ray energy or consciousness of the universe. Which affects all emotions, desire, lust, interest, resolve, concentration, karma, passion, decisions etc. and determines the happiness and misery of life thus the planets guide life, determine the way of life. It is my firm opinion that it cannot be denied that the planets have a strong influence on life. Planets arranged in the sky at the time of birth of a person which creates an effect on the entire life of that person such as certain types of planets make a person follower of mother. No matter how hard one tries, one cannot free him from the grip of motherly love. Such persons are also considered the fault of mother as quality. Sometimes even the truth of the wife seems wrong to him, only the mother is right for them. Similarly, a certain type of planetary position makes a person patiently obedient and family-oriented, thus the main basis of how a human being is or how he will become is based on planetary position.

It is the nature of the human mind that it always chases the unattainable and planets have a strong influence on the mind. False vision (i.e. perceiving the true as false and false as true) is cultivated by the mind itself. The influence of the planets makes the mind fickle and restless, and the planets sometimes make the mind calm, stable and patient. In short, the whole world runs under the influence of the planetary position, there is hardly any personality who is not under the influence of the planets. There is no event in the world which is not under the influence of planets. Everyone gets fruits according to their destiny and karma is regulated by nine planets. As the Sun is directly related to the soul while the Moon is directly related to the mind so these two planets are of special importance because the mind is the root of desire and desire becomes lust. That clings to the soul in a way that causes another birth.

Conditions are constantly changing. Which is influenced by many internal and external factors. One such factor is the planets. Planets can be positive or negative just as humans can be positive or negative. Just as the contact of a good man makes life bright, moral and excellent, in the company of a bad man life becomes unworthy, addicted, immoral and selfish. The same kind of effect is continuously exerted on human life by the movement of planets. According to astrology, the effect of a malefic planet on life is similar to the association of a malefic person. Malefic planets have a strong negative impact on the thoughts and decisions of a person. For example, in an unfavorable planetary position, sometimes the relatives seem wrong or selfish, so friction and pain increases, but when the planetary position improves, the same people begin to feel good, the friction and conflict with them stops, the situation improves and life becomes easier. In short, when thoughts become negative, inappropriate decisions are taken in life, which have to bear the consequences. Sometimes a wrong decision is taken regarding the division of property between siblings, which leads to court cases and conflicts. Which fills life with bitterness and leaves no option but to endure. We call many such calamities as PANOTI. PANOTI is nothing but a difficult situation caused by wrong thoughts, wrong decisions and negative mood. Which creates many difficulties conflicts or problems in life which is released only after endure.

The greatness of life or planets is that no pain or problem lasts forever. When the situation changes or the planetary position changes, everything starts to calm down automatically. Whether human life will be heaven or hell depends on one’s mood and decisions. On which the planets have a strong effect because the planet on which we live is connected with many planets of the solar system and being connected, it is natural that they are affected by each other. As we are connected with many relatives like parents, brothers, sisters, husband and wife, if even one member of the family falls ill, it affects the life of every member of the family. If one person falls ill in the household, even though all the other members are healthy, everyone faces numerous problems. Also, if one member of the family gets success, position, power, wealth, then the entire family automatically gets the benefits. Similarly, the effect of all the planets continues to be uninterrupted on us due to their connection with the earth. The mind is the abode of MAYA and every planet has a strong influence on the mind also the mind determines the life path of a human being. From that point of view, the planets can be seen as an important factor that determines the life path of human beings. The energy rays of the moving planets in the universe cause vibrations falling on each one. which affects the mind and soul. planetary position makes a person active or inactive just as a machine is made to function by switching on and off. A certain type of planetary position fills life with pleasure and a specific planetary position makes life painful. It is said that there should be no planet in the fourth house of a horoscope to be happy. The fourth house of the horoscope shows the last stage of life or old age. By which one can also know how the old age of a person will be. In short planetary position or horoscope is the map of our accumulated karmas. We can also change this map through good deeds. Apart from this there is no other option to get rid of planetary position.

A proper subtle study of the planets is essential to optimize life. It has to be accepted that it is possible only through good karma and penance. If there is a forecast or prior knowledge of the coming of rain, one can avoid getting wet or falling ill through right action. That is the role of planetary position in life. The battle between destiny and efforts has been going on for ages but in reality both are two sides of one coin. The entire world is nothing but the game of the planets. Even a thought that we think at a time is not entirely our own because our mind is an antenna that absorbs the waves of planets. Which is imprinted on our hearts and minds and according to that human being works. Which creates different situations in life through which happiness or sorrow is born from which no one can escape.

It is not a matter of tension that planets affect human life. The question is only to improve the mood during the painful planetary position and to move towards good deeds because good deeds automatically change the thoughts and mood. Which helps in coping up with the situation. Good deeds make a person positive by which one’s thoughts and decisions improve and life becomes better. That is why the scriptures advised to do good deeds like chanting, penance, charity, prayer at the time of PANOTI. Because bad planetary position makes one’s mood negative which makes life full of problems. At that time, if good deeds are done, the person’s mood changes, thoughts become positive, direction of decision changes and life improves. The only factor that determines the direction of life or happiness is the human mind. You might think that if the planets have such a strong influence, why shouldn’t it be the same for everyone? One thing about this also needs to be deeply understood that in terms of connection, even though everyone is equally connected, but the state of mind or mood of every human being is different. That is why the planet’s effect is minimal on people who lead a gentlemanly, positive, kind, benevolent or ascetic life. But planetary position strongly affects immoral corrupt negative and depraved people with diseased mood. Which we know as the fruit of his karma or because Saturn is the god of justice Shani Dev punished him in PANOTI.

planetary position may affect human life, but there is no need to be panic at that time, we only have to think that how to change our mood? That is, what measures to take. The effect of the planets is only on the mind and the mind alone determines the direction of life, so it is not like a believer or an atheist to accept to understand the effect of the planets. If we understand the effect of planets scientifically, its prevention will be easy. If one understands the effects of astrology or the planets on the ecosystem, then one can definitely understand how to avoid them and how to bring the situation under control. Astrology is the science of collaborating with what is bound to happen in life. Astrology is not a science for conflict. I am happy because there is no reason for suffering anymore that should be understood by astrology. If only this is understood, then the controversy between different beliefs will end. Instead of getting involved in disputes, if one tries to remove them by understanding the reason why there is a dispute, one can definitely make life pain-free and problem-free. With such true scientific understanding, i expect planetary position to be favorable to everyone from today.

~ Shilpa shah, professor HKBBA college