Hello friends,

Everyone’s life is running on two wheels called Dharma and Karma. Man enjoys the fruits of various kinds of karma in his life based on the principle of karma, out of which he accepts good fruits or results in the name of happiness and harsh or undesirable results in the name of misery.

When a difficult time comes in a person’s life, he runs from place to place to avoid it or to reduce its ill effects. Temples, mosques, thread thread, bhoot bhuva, tantra, yantra, mantra, japa – leave no choice. The only ray of hope that appears when he finds no solution after all these options is astrology. The name Jyotish means the same, Jyot and Ish – the Jyoti that brings a person out of darkness and towards God.

I have been studying Lal Kitab from my guru Harivadanbhai Choksi since 2014 and it is still going on. Astrology is a science that can never end. Every different horoscope allows you to learn something new. The way you see advertisements in the newspapers and on the Internet these days, it is easy to see that astrology has been compared by some to the work of foolishness or foolishness. Many people have complained that even if they go to an astrologer and spend so much, they do not get a solution, the reason is that the scripture of the person you met is true, but that person is wrong. There are advertisements in many papers, “Break what I have done and ask for a reward”, but how can someone break what you have done ???
If he didn’t do anything like breaking, then how to break… ???

Another thing is that astrology is not a scripture that protects from the results of karma or prevents or changes the results of karma, but it shows the way to reduce the effect of the hard effects of karma. Suppose a person is destined to have an accident at this time, then the accident cannot be prevented but yes, it is possible that the rate of injury can be reduced. We have a saying that the wound of the crucifix is ​​avoided with a needle.

Apart from this, the most important thing is that if the native does not give up the habit of doing his wrong deeds, then no astrologer, scripture or god of the world can save him. Astrology and planets will show their positive effects only when a person obeys Chari. A ban on the daily consumption of meat, mutton and alcohol is a basic condition of astrology. It is possible that someone may not agree with my statement but I strongly believe that if you want to give peace to your life then just give life to other lives.

We will see in the next issue what is Lal Kitab. Why is it that I chose Lal Kitab Shastra for my study despite the history of what it is and many classes and topics related to Vedic and other astrology?

See you next week.

Aadit Shah