Every Planet is related with some family members. Let’s see what’s the details…

CHILDREN :- younger people by yourself and children relates with Shani & Ketu. If you do exploitation
Of children then Ketu becomes weak & Shani begins to punish you for that as he is god of justice. It also increases struggle in life. Native has to work hard to get money. Native might face bone and nerve fibres problems.

WIFE :- Life partner and behaviour with his / her relates with Venus. If you misbehave with wife then Venus becomes weak. One’s happiness decreases and he / she can not get peace. A person gets facility but he can not get happiness. He might face eyes and diabetes problem.

PARENTS :- Mother relates with Moon and Father relates with Sun . Both these planets control life.
Therefore, luck reduces if you misbehave with parents. A person faces mental and physical problems. Your luck won’t work even it is good.

BROTHER / FRIEND :- Brother and friend relates with Mars . If you misbehave with Brother or friend then Mars becomes weak
A person faces problems getting happiness from land and property.
Sometime, a person might face an accident or imprisonment.
A person might face blood problems.

IN LAWS :- In laws relates with every planets. If you misbehave or disrespects in laws then planets become weak .a person faces sudden ups -downs in life.
Sometime , he might face serious disease or defamation.
The strongest planets creates more problems.

REMEDY – On the above cases , one should apologize with other.
Touched the feet of parents and elders every morning. Plant many flowers and trees .

IMPORTANT :- Spouse should avoid conflicts on Friday. Otherwise , it won’t finish easily.

Aadit Shah