Gemini natives are likely to get mixed and interesting results with the Sun transiting through their ninth house of fortune, luck, spirituality and higher knowledge.

On the personal front, as it is in the 12th position from the tenth house of the father, you will witness a steady decline in the health of your father. So, be there with him and provide him with as much support as you can. Your siblings can also be at the receiving end of this transit and will be looking up to you for support. So, try as much as you can to help them achieve success.

However, as it is your third house lord of efforts, courage and valour and is directly aspecting its own house, it is going to provide the strength to the third house and increase its effects multifold. This indicates that you are likely to overcome your enemies and obstacles with your sheer will power, vigour and strength. Your efforts will be in the right direction and provide you with multiple opportunities to progress on the career front.

Students are also likely to perform well on the academic front. Financially, a good period which will see all your investments and trades bringing you a fair share of profits and gains. However, it is not the right period to undertake any voyages or travels especially related to spiritual places, as it may bring in unnecessary expenditure and stress. Although, you might indulge in some charity work, or host some religious events to satiate your spiritual curiosity.

Remedy- Donate jaggery on Sunday.