Lime is full of many qualities, the price is only 2 rupees, do not consume it one day these problems

Friends Lack of calcium in the body leads to muscle and bone diseases. Calcium deficiency in the body leads to many disorders. Calcium deficiency can lead to many blood related diseases in addition to bones. According to Ayurveda, it is said that the problem of cough is also caused by the lack of calcium. Calcium is a micronutrient that is a micronutrient that stays in the body while other nutrients remain. And the lime found in 2 rupees increases the amount of calcium in the body and protects the body from many diseases.

For a pregnant woman
Lime intake during pregnancy proves to be beneficial for both the baby and the mother. Let me tell you that a woman has a special need for calcium when she is pregnant. Lime is one of the best sources of calcium. For this, a pregnant woman should consume lime in this way. Take a glass of pomegranate juice, add one gram of lime to it and take it regularly for nine months.

In this way, if a pregnant woman consumes lime for nine months, first of all, there will be less discomfort during childbirth and normal delivery will take place. In addition, a healthy baby is born. As well as the child whose mother consumes lime does not get sick quickly in life and will stay healthy. In addition the child becomes smarter and more intelligent.

Eliminates every problem related to bones
Lime is very beneficial in increasing the gap in our spinal cord and causing spinal problems. Lime is most effective for attaching bones when they are broken. Lime should be consumed on an empty stomach every morning to fasten broken bones. It also cures knee, back and shoulder pain.

For the mouth and anemia.
Sensitivity in the mouth means that if anything hot or cold causes pain in the teeth as well as ulcers in the mouth, it can be cured by drinking lime water. People who are deficient in hemoglobin as well as have problems like anemia should consume lime with wheat along with orange juice. This will cause the body to produce blood faster.

The important question is how much lime to consume
Friends whenever you consume lime
All you have to do is use lime, just like wheat grains. Serve with lime yogurt, buttermilk or water. You can also mix lime in lentils and eat it. Lime should be consumed regularly for 15 days and then left for a few days. Doing this for six months will eliminate the lack of calcium in the body. And many problems will go away with it. You will be surprised to know that the great Acharya Vagbhatt of Ayurveda has mentioned many benefits of lime. He also said that whenever you eat pan, you should eat it with lime.

VR Darshana Ranapura