Every other person has problems like gas formation and acidity in the stomach . The restlessness of the day due to acidity causes a lot of trouble . Due to acidity, there is a burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach and acidic gas comes up to the throat . In such a situation, there is no desire to eat or drink anything . There can be many reasons for this, many people have the habit of getting up early in the morning and drinking tea . Due to this also acidity starts happening . This is because tea has a negative effect on the bile juice produced in an empty stomach .

Apart from tea, eating chocolate, tomato, pineapple, spicy and spicy foods, coffee and high-fat foods in the morning can cause acidity . If you have acidity problem, then stop eating all these things early in the morning .

These methods will not cause acidity

If you have a habit of tea in the early morning , then you can drink ginger tea in place of milk tea by adding hot water , it will give you relief from acidity . Eat oatmeal breakfast, it will not cause acidity and your body will be healthy . Include green vegetables in your diet, it will be very beneficial for your health .

In a healthy breakfast, you can also eat omelet in breakfast . You will not have to face the problem of acidity . The biggest problem in today’s people is that they eat food and lie down or sit down, but it is absolutely wrong to walk a little after eating .