~ Shilpa shah, professor, HKBBA College

Both power and purity are very significant in human life because without both it cannot be achieved in its true sense. We all know that power or energy is required in every stage of life. Power can be of many types like physical power, mental power, economic power, social power, spiritual power, religious power etc. There are many special tools or sources for gaining energy, such as a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and a deep sleep is essential for physical power. The acquisition of physical energy can be facilitated by a sattvic diet or a natural way of life. In the same way positivity or positive thoughts as well as proper oxygen is needed for mental power means to keep the brain capable, similarly social power can be achieved through loving worldly relationships and success in group life. Economic power can only be achieved through hard work and ingenuity or skill. Spiritual power can be gained through a life free from atheism, that is, through the renunciation of lust, anger, greed, selfishness, jealousy, ego, etc., and through the attainment of such qualities as selfless love, friendship, humility, forgiveness.

Whatever the nature of the power, the need for intense penance remains, that is, it is not possible to attain any kind of power without sensible moral and regular efforts. Moreover, if there is no element of purity in the power obtained through untiring labor, then all kinds of power are in vain because self-welfare or social welfare is impossible by impure power, that is, impure power is not able to do good to anyone. It can neither benefit the individual nor benefit the society. For example, you can understand what happens if a perfectly healthy and fit young man full of physical strength abuses his power, uses his power in violent acts, works to increase the pain of others through his muscles power. In the scriptures such power is called demonic power. Power according to its qualities are of two types 1) divine power and 2) demonic power. Power is both but demonic power has a special amount of impurity so it is not accepted. While in the divine power, since purity is a hundred times more, that power proves to be useful and beneficial. Through which the welfare of the individual as well as the society becomes possible. In that sense the value of power can be judged on the basis of its purity. If power is not pure and valuable then it is useless. Thus, purity is more important than power.

A financially sound man, that is, an economically strong man, if he is unclean and abuses his economic prosperity, uses money in activities like alcohol-gambling-betting, etc. Is inappropriate. Increasing investment in the alcohol-gambling-betting sector in a demand-driven economy will reduce the availability of the country’s limited resources in the required and indispensable sector, which could lead to the vulnerability of the weaker sections of society. Thus the abuse of economic power (economic impurity) can make the whole life like hell. Thus the importance of power is only subject to its purification. The use of physical energy in the work of service shows its purity. The noble and moral use of economic power for the welfare of all shows its purity. Through which the whole nation can move forward on the path of progress. Its use is more important than making money in short. If the amount of capital indicates strength then its use indicates its purity. More important than making money is how and where we use it.

Like power, purity can be physical, mental, financial, worldly, spiritual and religious. Physical purity means keeping the body completely clean and detox. Mental purity means a stress-free, fully constructive mind. Economic purity means the proper and moral use of wealth earned with morality. Social purity means loving and healthy relationships without complaints and expectations. Spiritual purification is a completely surrendered life to God, with no desire, no frustration, no regrets. A powerful man may not be pure but it is never possible for a pure man not to be powerful. A human being who is pure by body-mind-wealth and soul will always be absolutely powerful. Society has been in need of pure power in every age. The power is the same with the gods and the devil, perhaps the power of the devil will increase in an age like Kali Yuga. Yet in no age is demonic power preferred. It shows that the power without purification is worthless, which has no value.

Today’s society is crazy for power. it constantly strives to increase his physical, mental and financial strength for personal success and prosperity. But unfortunately it remains unaware of the purity so that in spite of the power there is a relentless increase in personal and social pain. Today’s young man makes six eps by Jim, looks amazing but doesn’t have the strength to use it because he doesn’t know how to use it. Almost no one who is financially viable knows where and how money should actually be used. Life will continue to be difficult as long as that discernment is not possible, that is, the person will be careless about the inner purification of body-mind-wealth. The misuse of power is bound to be natural until the real reason for sowing is understood, that is, the importance or inevitability of purification, which will only increase the pain of the individual as well as the family and the nation. So one has to understand the concept of purity or purification before attaining power as power without purity is utterly useless and meaningless.

~ Shilpa shah, professor, HKBBA College