By :- Shilpa shah

Words like sin and virtue have been heard by human beings since the beginning. Understanding of right and wrong, crime, criminal acts, do’s and don’ts etc. lessons are always taught to each human being by family, society and educational institution. Yet hardly any country or society has zero crime. Why so? I want to talk today about seven dangerous or heinous crimes that we may not have considered as a sin or a crime. In order to understand the severity of crime or sin, first one has to understand what is called crime or sin? Besides, what are the sins or transgressions that we keep on doing unknowingly? And what are the causes and factors behind it?

So let’s understand what is called the first crime. Then let’s get acquainted with the seven most heinous crimes or sins. So as to lead to his renunciation. From a religious point of view, forbidden karma means sin. An act that increases the pain of an individual, family, society, country or world is called a sin or a crime. In short, if any of our actions or deeds become an obstacle or a tragedy for others, which causes many difficulties and problems in his life, then it can be considered as a sin or a crime. Because as a part of God’s creation, we have no right to hurt others, and if such a thing happens, it is not a matter of forgiveness from God as well as you are guilty in the eyes of society or law. Improper or indecent speech, behavior and thought is not permissible for human beings as only through god speech and good behavior two people, two families, two groups or two countries can achieve harmony. The pre-determined rules of speech-behavior-thought are nothing but rules of self-control. Which saves human society from insecurity and unrest. According to the scripture certain deeds like violence, untruth, theft, hoarding are forbidden deeds which is called a sin.

When a person becomes selfish in life, abandons principles, loses character, becomes lazy, abandons morality, acts unjustly and inhumanely, gets happiness at any cost, he fails to keep his own life and the life of others stable, calm, healthy and sin free or guilt free. Sinks into a ditch. Through which not only his own life becomes unstable, insecure, restless but the lives of many connected with him are ruined. The problem is that most people do not even understand it. Actually the seven unforgivable heinous crimes that we continue to commit unintentionally are as follows. We cannot try to prevent it because we do not know it, or we are careless in making atonement.

1) Wealth without work which is actually a heinous crime. This is the biggest disaster of Kali Yuga that no one likes hard work. In the computer age, the habit of sitting constantly has increased further. Laziness and negligence are on the rise. But the craze for wealth has not diminished, so in an effort to amass more wealth while sitting, sins like violence-lying-stealing-depriving someone of their rights have become natural. In fact, we all know that the human body created by God cannot be healthy without labor, but we remain oblivious. Lack of labor or lazy life naturally leads to many physical and mental ailments through which a person’s efficiency (physical-mental-intellectual-spiritual) is declining. Moreover, it is well known that wealth without labor can never bring true happiness. So there is a lack of joy in life. Unfortunately, we never understand that the fruit without hard work cannot be as sweet as the fruit of hard work. In the end, such property is either used in the hospital or in an unethical way. Which both show the improper movement of Lakshmi. We all have the experience that money is usually used in the same way as it comes. Unfortunately, we have never considered property without labor as a sin or a crime.

That is our fault, it is our wrong vision that despite of many problems of unethical money in society, we cannot accept it as a sin or a crime. So how do you even try to stop it? This is the biggest misfortune of this society.

2) Pleasure without soul is also an unforgivable or heinous crime. How can happiness be experienced where there is no pursuit of the soul? No one in the world can be happy without that understanding. It is perhaps beyond our comprehension that self-realization can arise wherever the soul lives. That is why we wander all our lives in search of happiness but cannot find it because we do not even recognize the soul nor do we care to hear the voice of the soul. We waste precious lives in search of endless artificial happiness. I feel the need to communicate with the self or the soul. Pleasure is actually of two types 1) Instrumental pleasure – which is nothing but joy obtained from materials. Which has a perishable form i.e. this pleasure lost as the instrument or equipment is destroy. 2) natural autonomous – this is the joy that comes from within the self, which is indestructible and the ultimate form. Self-realization can be obtained only by one who has knowledge of the soul. Thus the precondition for attaining bliss is knowledge of the soul. God has made the senses extroverted, so that the inner soul is not visible. Only when man becomes introverted does the vision of the soul become possible and the journey of bliss begins. In short there is an ignorance of the longing for pleasure without the soul which causes many sins so that the vision of accepting it as a crime has to be cultivated.

3) Science without humanity is also a heinous crime. No matter how great the science may be to minimize labor through high-tech machines and provide the utmost convenience and comforts to human life but happiness and peace in life will not be possible unless the element of humanity is added in the research of science. Science displays the intelligence, smartness and skill of society while humanity reflects the values and goodness of society. We all know that goodness and values are more important than intelligence in life. Today’s age is considered to be very high-tech, advanced and developed in terms of technology, but if that technology is not used judiciously and humanely, the dream of development with social welfare cannot achieved. Only if all kinds of skills, smartness, intelligence and skill are used in the public interest for the purpose of noble humanity can the life of the whole mass become like paradise. If a highly skilled teacher, doctor or leader is corrupt, immoral, selfish and inhumane, will it be useful to the society? In short, no matter how skilled or intelligent a person may be, but if he does not possess such excellent qualities as humanity, then he is a criminal of humankind.

4) Knowledge without character is also a heinous crime. It is a well-known fact that knowledge is the only antidote to every pain, sorrow and problem in life. Life can be made safe, calm and healthy through knowledge. But if the knowledge is just theoretical or bookies, that has nothing to do with the character, then that knowledge has no value in life. With such knowledge only the ego of a person is nourished which is the first step to hell. Moreover, we experience that society never likes a person without good morals who speaks something else and does absolute opposite. Character means code of conduct. A person who has similarity in speech and behavior, has transparency, is far from dirty politics, is simple, pious, has compassion and sympathy for the living being is called a true sage. But in Kali Yuga, there is flood of so-called intelligent scholars, but the character is premature. Religious leaders, saints, elders, teachers, etc., all of them must be intellectuals, skilled scholars, must know the scriptures. But there is a dearth in the society of a person with pure character who can be imitated. Scholar without character is harmful to the society. Since knowledge without character increases suffering unbearably to the society, it must be seen as a sin or a crime. Knowledge without responsibility is useless.

5) Politics without principles is also a heinous crime. According to the prevailing understanding, politics is a selfish, corrupt and dirty referendum for position or throne, in which how can we expect principles. Because principle means holistic welfare thinking. Which has nothing to do with selfishness or personal gain. Success at the expense of principles is not a real success, it is a compromise with existence. Compromise is never desirable because it is unnatural and it is well known that no one can last long against nature. Role of a kingdom (RAJ DHARM) is a noble religion which must have the objective of protection, justice and upliftment of society. Politics is actually a noble system for carrying responsibility as well as for social service. Which must adhere to certain principles. If politics is without principles it should be considered a heinous crime and the provision of severe punishment should be in the constitution.

6) Trade without ethics is also a heinous crime. Trade enriches the life of the people, provides livelihood through which the society gets momentum, which makes the progress of the whole society possible. But the condition is that such trade must be ethical and valuable. It is permissible to make a reasonable profit in trade but it cannot be more unimaginable that there is a stench of exploitation. All the trades of Kali Yuga are seen to be without complete ethics. In which there is more element of self-gain by harming the whole. Isn’t it a crime to tamper with people’s health by mixing them in food, making dangerous drugs and poisoning one’s life? Water pollution in the name of development, air pollution, development and destruction of the entire ecosystem, development and trade do not seem unfit for us even for a second. In the name of trade, improper weight, harmful item, lack of quality, very high price, exploitation of equipment, etc., is not a crime or a sin? Shouldn’t there be a harsher punishment?

7) Worship without sacrifice is also considered a sin or a crime. A person’s piety cannot be attained by certain things like garments, necklaces, TILAK on the forehead, rituals of appearance. True worship can be identified only through renunciation and sacrifice. The only true worship is to live in a way that does not disturb the entire cycle of creation, which is impossible without renunciation or sacrifice. Abandonment dissolves the ego. Abandonment eliminates the root of sin. The only true renunciation is to give up vices such as lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and jealousy. The one who wants is a beggar, the one who gives up is rich. Abandonment is the irresistible rule of the whole nature. The whole world runs by renunciation, like a tree renounces fruit, river renounces water, fire renounces heat, sun renounces light. Think what will happen to the universe if no one gives up? Abandonment is the eternal law of nature. The whole nature constantly gives the message of renunciation that if you have got something from universe then you have to relinquish it to survive. We all know that we have to take one breathe other breath must be give up otherwise survival will not be possible. In fact, giving up my being is the true renunciation. Stopping me my and mine is abandonment. Which is the cause of salvation and the path to peace. And the same is true of worship. If we worship without renunciation or sacrifice, then for sure we are sinning. Which is an unforgivable crime.

Now think we have ever imagined that the above seven acts fall into the category of crime. There is no provision of punishment in our court for these seven crimes. But the fact is that these seven heinous crimes are destroying the whole of human life and the ecosystem, unfortunately we never even aim at it. What could be a greater pity than this?

By :- Shilpa shah