Practicing yogasanas daily is considered the best option to maintain both physical and mental health. Along with promoting the circulation of blood in the body, the benefits of practicing various types of yogasanas have been found in preventing the development of pain, diseases and increasing the circulation of energy. Shalabhasana yoga is one such yoga practice which can give amazing benefits for the body. The practice of this yoga is considered effective in curing stomach-back problems, strengthening muscles and reducing the risk of many other diseases.

The word “shalabh” in Sanskrit means grasshopper, in fact the shape of the whole body resembles the structure of a grasshopper while performing Shalabhasana. Shalabhasana can be beneficial for you in strengthening the back muscles and relieving back pain. Practicing it regularly can give you amazing health benefits. Let us know about this in the next slides.
How to do Shalabhasana Yoga?
The practice of Shalabhasana yoga is easy, but it is necessary to understand about its right way from an expert. To get the maximum benefit from any yoga, it is necessary to practice it in the right way. To do Shalabhasana, first of all lie down on your stomach. Straighten both the hands and press them under the thighs. While taking a deep breath, try to raise the head and both the legs upwards. Raise the legs as high as possible to their maximum height. Stay in this position for some time and then come back to your starting position.
What are the benefits of Shalabhasana yoga?
According to yoga experts, doing Shalabhasan yoga can benefit health in many ways.
  • Strengthens the lower back, pelvic organs, legs, hip joints and arms.
  • Tones the sciatic nerves.
  • Provides relief in back pain, mild sciatica and slip disc.
  • It is considered beneficial in diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  • Increases blood circulation in the spine and throughout the upper body.
  • Favorably activates the kidneys, liver and all the organs of the lower body.
  • Helps to increase abdominal pressure, regulate intestinal function and strengthen the stomach.
  • Increases appetite.
  • It is believed to be helpful in reducing back pain during menstruation.
Keep these things in mind
if you have recently had any surgery, do not practice this asana. If you have any other problem related to hernia or stomach, then definitely take expert advice before doing this yoga.