Life of all of us is full of troubles. The reason for everyone’s problem is also different. If someone is worried about the daughter’s marriage, then someone is going to get more debt on his head. One problem in all of these is debt. Talking about the present, for whatever work we do, we have to take a loan from the bank. Taking a loan is directly related to the financial condition of the person. Generally, the loan is taken by the person whose financial condition is not very strong. Many times a person tries to eliminate the debt on his head but still the debt is not able to end. Life passes by paying off the debt, but the debt does not end. According to Vastu principles, if you do not have a house or shop, then it will definitely prove difficult for you to get rid of debt or debt. So come astrologer Pt. Dayanand Shastri We know some tips related to Vastu from which one can definitely get rid of debt.

This Vastu remedy will get rid of debt:

The south side wall of your house should be higher than the north side wall. If for some reason this is not the case, then money will come to your house, but the money will not be saved. Also the loan will not be repaid. If a high wall is built in the north direction, then make it smaller. Build a high wall in the south. The greater the slope towards north and east, the greater will be the increase in your property. At the same time, if you are more troubled by debt, then slope towards the north direction, you will get rid of debt.

If there is an underground tank, well or tap in the south-west or south direction of your house, then there will be loss of money. If this is the case in your house, then get them removed immediately and get an underground tank or tank built in the north-east part. The underground tank should be at least 2 to 3 feet deep. If you are buying a plot, then keep in mind that do not buy a building surrounded between two buildings or a plot buried between heavy buildings. It points to poverty.

East and North should always be light. The central part of the house should be completely empty. There should not be any heavy items in it. Also, do not build underground tanks etc. here. If this happens then you will never get rid of debt. The middle space should be kept very clean. Always leave it high. Plant a Tulsi plant here. The north and south walls of the house should be straight. No corner should be cut. If the mirror is located in the south or west direction, then this position is an indicator of debt. Therefore, the mirror should be placed on the north or east wall or on the north-east wall.

The mirror should be clean, light and large. It proves beneficial. This eliminates debt and increases business. If the doors of the house are in the north-east direction, there is an increase in mental peace and business. Never make the stairs of the house adjacent to the east or north wall. Stairs should be made in South and West direction. The ladder should always move in the clockwise direction. The first tree of the ladder should not be visible from the main entrance. This results in loss of money.

The house of worship should be built in the northeast, north or east direction only. Incense lamp should be lit in the fire corner of the worship house. If the temple is of wood, then it should not be kept adjacent to the wall. There should be no broken cot, broken utensils in the house. Food should not be eaten in broken utensils. This increases the debt. If there is a tree, telephone, electric pole or there is a shadow in front of your main door or building, then remove it as soon as possible. Such things do not bring Lakshmi in the house.