Dosa is such a dish which is loved by almost everyone. This dish of South is famous almost everywhere. At the same time, many varieties of dosa are available from street to restaurant. Including cheese dosa. Cheesy Dosa is liked by children to adults. If you like to make dosa at home, then definitely try this recipe of this cheese-rich dosa once. After eating this, everyone will forget to eat simple masala dosa. So let’s learn how to prepare Cheesy Masala Dosa.
To make Cheesy Masala Dosa, prepare the batter of the dosa. Along with one onion finely chopped, one tomato finely chopped, grated cheese, ground black pepper, butter, oregano, salt as per taste

How to prepare Cheese Masala Dosa

To prepare Cheesy Masala Dosa, first heat the dosa pan on medium heat. Then spread some oil on it and spread it. When it becomes hot enough, reduce the flame to low and then spread the dosa batter on the pan. Smooth it well with the help of a spatula. Now let the dosa cook on low flame for one to two minutes. Now put chopped onion and tomato on this dosa.
Add grated cheese along with onions and tomatoes. Simultaneously, put ground black pepper on the dosa. The cheese will start to melt as it sinks. Then put butter on this dosa. Now bake the dosa till it turns golden brown. Keep in mind that the flame of the gas should be kept low. Otherwise the dosa will burn. Now fold the dosa into desired shape with the help of a spatula. Delicious cheese dosa is ready. You can serve it only with coconut chutney or with sambhar.