The relationship is confirmed and now you want to improve your understanding and bonding with your partner before marriage, then for this the first idea coming in your mind would be that you will meet more and more people and go on dates often . Your thinking is not wrong . But if you want to understand your partner better in less time, then the tips given here will be of great help to you .

In today’s time, every young couple wants to develop a good mutual understanding between the two partners even before marriage . So that it is easy for them to plan for their career and life . The best part is that today’s youth are starting to understand the importance of compatibility . They know that if there is anything most important for a good family life, it is mutual understanding between husband and wife . That’s why young people want to understand each other’s feelings, dreams and expectations before getting into the role of husband and wife . If you have the same desire about your partner, then do two things with him before marriage .The first is shopping and the second is traveling .

Benefits of shopping together

When you go shopping with your fiancee, you get to know about their likes, dislikes, as well as how your fiancee’s thinking and behavior is . This thing may surprise you, but know this much that when you want to understand someone very well, then go shopping with him . You get to know about that person ‘s practical understanding, attitude towards others and most importantly, his thinking about money .

After all, be it a boy or a girl, everyone expects from their partner that they should act wisely on the financial front . Even if you are financially exhausted , it does not mean that you spend without thinking and start wasting money! Yes, while shopping, do keep in mind that not only are you trying to understand your partner , but he is also equally curious and curious about you .

Benefits of traveling together

When you go traveling with your fiancé you get to see his true form because during the date someone may talk sweet and maintain good gestures because on a date you only go for a few hours . But during travelling, sitting in one place for a long time , talking, doing some different social activities apart from daily life, all this is possible only during traveling and during this time no one can manifest artificiality in their behavior for a long time. unable to maintain . This will allow you to know the reality of your fiancée and develop a good understanding between you, which will help bring you closer to each other emotionally .