Everyone in the world wants to develop themselves, to become a better person, to improve their personality for which strength is a necessary condition. The most evolved and powerful animal in the entire ecosystem is the human being. He has so much power that he even has the strength to become God. But we are not aware of our many great strengths so we cannot use that. Thirty different types of strength (energy or power) are available to human beings within from birth. There are special centers in our body for the awaken of all these thirty strengths, through which energy awareness, personality development and transformation, i.e., changes in human behavior, habits and nature can be done.

But for that first we have to understand our glandular system. The place of origin of instinct, emotion, will etc. is actually not the brain but the nervous system or the glandular system. There are some special places in our body where consciousness, energy or power is more concentrated than other places, which are known as consciousness centers. In scientific terms these places are the places of our endocrine glands, (places of hormonal glands) through which our behavior, feelings, tendencies, nature, habits, desires, views, morals, values etc. are determined. For achieving all these special strengths require. By positive and noble energy, disposition, habits, conduct, outlook become excellent and sattvic.

In this view it is necessary to understand our consciousness centers and nervous system, to improve them and learn to control them. Through which a human being is able to manifest thirty types of power or strength within himself. Such main thirty types of powers include:

1) spiritual power
2) physical power
3) mental power
4) will power
5) intellectual-rational power
6) power of hope
7) power of speech
8) power of decision
9) power of equanimity
10 ) Power of emotion or feeling
11) Power of harmony or co-existence
12) Power of akarma
13) Power of concentration
14) Power of samadhi
15) Power of tolerance
16) Power of morality
17) Power of meditation
18) Power of salutation 1
19) Power of mantra
20) Power of fasting
21) power of Diet
22) The Power of Greatness
23) The Power of Brahmacharya
24) The Power of Solitude
25) The Power of Silence
26) The Power of Love-Mercy-Compassion
27) The Power of Forgiveness
28) The Power of Acceptance
29) The Power of Endurance (Power of Non-Resistance-Non-Violence) 30) The Power of Problem Solving. Awareness and development of all these powers is effort-relative i.e. it requires regular and honest effort.

When the latent consciousness is awakened or the latent powers are developed, the ordinary person becomes an avatar, i.e. a person becomes special or great. Every human being is full of such unimaginable power but it mostly lies dormant so man lives a passive life but with the awaken of power he becomes active. But for that the power (strength or energy) has to be recognized, heard, understood, activated as well as controlled. For which the study of the consciousness centers and the nervous system of the body is necessary. Through which all these powers can be used to make human life worthwhile and meaningful. Scientific discoveries have established that the hypothalamus (which is a part of the brain) and the endocrine glands control every human action, instinct, desire, emotion, behavior. Prevention of many diseases is also possible by cleansing the endocrine glands or the nervous system. The question is only to activate and purify this nervous system. For which regular meditation proves to be very beneficial. Science has proven that by making the necessary changes in the electrical activity of the nervous system, we can transform our entire personality.

The nervous system and endocrine glands are the main regulating and coordinating systems of the body. Pragmatic experience and expression are functions of the nervous system while habits originate in the glandular system. The main 6 glands are Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid-Parathyroid, Thymus, Adrenal and Gonads. Our entire existence is a mixture or combination of material (body) and consciousness (soul). The vibrations emanating from consciousness control the functions of the physical body. It awakens wisdom in us to get control over our baser impulses, animal impulses and sexuality. It is our conscious soul. Dr. MW Carr’s research shows that the glands within us are damaged by anger, strife, jealousy, fear, etc., due to which the glandular power weakens and many diseases enter life. To prevent that, it is necessary to control our impulses and emotions. Which is made possible by the worship of energy centers. Therapies like acupressure and acupuncture actually work on the nerve centers themselves. Such centers of consciousness are located in the cerebral organs and endocrine glands. According to Ayurveda, there are a total of 107 such special places known as MARMSTHAN or Chaitanya Kendra. Where Prana is concentrated. Just like the Chaitanya center is in the brain, it is also in our toes thus both are connected so the expected result can be brought about by it.

According to spiritual scriptures, the main two centers of consciousness are 1) Jnana Kendra (knowledge center and 2) Kama Kendra. The part above the navel up to the brain is known as the Jnana Kendra epicenter, while from the navel no the following location is the Kama Kendra (sex center). Our entire consciousness keeps rotating between these two centers throughout life. The consciousness of a normal human mostly revolves around the Kama Kendra, less in the Jnana Kendra. The centers of ARTA-DHYANA and RAUDRA-DHYANA are also Kama Kendra. While the center of Dharma Dhyana and SHUKAL Dhyana is Jnana Kendra (Gnana Kendra). A person whose energy moves above the navel automatically awakens his knowledge centers and becomes virtuous and great. But unfortunately, all our energy is concentrated near the sex center as it becomes active in material pleasures and sex. Actually, the mind is not the inner layer of consciousness, the inner layer of consciousness is passion, anger, respect, jealousy and greed, from which illness originates and character also comes from there. The subconscious mind is the real consciousness of the human being which has the greatest strength within it and through it the glands also become pure and active. The instincts and impulses dominate the intellectual and logical powers to such an extent that the glands, nerves and the nervous system are disturbed. That is why control of all these tendencies is essential. Otherwise no one can stop human being from suffering or disease. That is why good deeds, meditation, benevolence, chastity, mantra chanting, charity etc. become necessary through which discernment is awakened. Now science has proven that humans can be transformed by the RNA chemical in our brains (which pervades the level of consciousness).

In short, by identifying and activating the consciousness center, every problem can be solved. All the glands in our body are associated with the subconscious mind, which influences the brain and we all know that all our actions are done according to the orders of the brain, which is ultimately influenced by the glands so mind-intellect-brain can be considered as the most important glands. As it affects or activates the brain, it is imperative to activate, awaken and purify the glands first. Science has no tools to awaken and purify the glands but spirituality has and that is meditation on the consciousness center. The thing that reaches our conscious mind cannot be successful but the thing that reaches our subconscious or inner mind is definitely successful. A resolve that reaches the innermost mind can certainly bring about change and bring all kinds of success. When our mind touches the gland or the center, in which it is absorbed, the same consciousness or memory is awakened. That is why a person who wants to change, wants to develop personality should pay more attention to Chaitanya Kendra. Due to which our nature, tendencies, impulses all change. Vishudhi Kendra, Jyoti Kendra, Darshan Kendra, Shanthi Kendra and Gnana Kendra make our practice holy. Maharishi Patanjali has explained the same in Yoga Shastra through seven chakras. Circumstances and events in life certainly influence our emotions but they are not that powerful. The most powerful is our endocrine system, by paying attention to it, one can definitely lead a better life by removing every difficulty, pain and suffering in life.

Shilpa Shah Assoc. Prof. HKBBA College