By : Shilpa shah

The history of philosophy states that human life is not for the pursuit of happiness, it is for the pursuit of truth because the truth of life, the truth of creation, the truth of existence can only be found by human beings because only the human mind and intellect are in a highly developed state among all creatures. What is the truth of life? Why life exist? What is the object of life? why every organism has a different vagina? What is the end of life? What is death? Who dies and why? As well as, the truth of entire existence or universe and the logic behind the creation process need to know. Whose power is there behind the creation? The inevitability of creation, the stages of evolution, etc. are the fundamental questions to be understand before searching for the truth, one has to understand what is the truth, because without it, how can one search for it. It is also important to understand what needs to be explored.

Knowledge of many such things or knowledge of philosophy brings a person closer to the truth. Truth is an indestructible element that can never be destroyed, such an infinite element is called truth. That is why the word eternal (SANATAN) is used before truth. Indestructible means permanent and permanent means an element that never perishes. If such an element is discovered in the entire universe, it will be understood that the reference is to soul or supreme soul as there is only one such indestructible element in the whole existence and that is soul or supreme soul. All living and non-living things in the rest of the universe are perishable, the death of the one who is born is certain. In that sense the whole world is perishable but the soul is not perishable. In short, the search for truth is the search for the inner soul.

The search for truth is the search for the inner soul.
The search for truth is the search for immortality.
The search for truth is the spiritual study of the immortality of the soul and the path to immortality.
The search for truth means knowing the mystery of death.
The search for truth means understanding the mystery of birth and death.
The search for truth means knowledge of Brahman or theology.
The search for truth means knowing, enjoying and experiencing our union with death.
The search for truth is the knowledge or self-knowledge of the soul.
The search for truth means to know the eternal laws of creation.
The search for truth means knowledge of the life, universe and God.

In short, the search for truth ends with knowing or experiencing the basic form of the soul. Moreover, since the soul is a part of the supreme soul, by knowing one of the two, the attainment of both is done automatically and finally the soul is dissolved in the supreme soul, by which two different elements become one. In every religion, the philosophy of moving from duality to ADVAITA is nothing but the knowledge of truth or the knowledge of attaining the soul or supreme soul. The search for truth in simple words means to acquire knowledge by removing the ignorance that we have.

If we examine the history of the discovery of conscience, we will understand that the science of pre-birth-reincarnation has come from the efforts of the discovery of conscience. The theory of karma, the concept of values such as sin-virtue, morality or immorality, as well as how to live a human life, etc., seem to have come into existence. In the absence of a concept like soul or supreme soul, things like life-death-God-truth etc. have no significance. According to the scriptures, soul or supreme soul means Divine power or supreme energy, through which the whole world is moving and alive. As long as there is consciousness or energy in the body, the body remains dynamic, energetic, alive and active and in the absence of the soul it becomes energy-less, lifeless, numb, static and dead. That is why there is a need to understand life and death as well as what is life and who dies? Why does death come and how should death be accepted? To know all these secrets one has to understand the truth. Such a discovery requires Divine eyes or divine cognition. That is why it is said that the search for truth is to remove ignorance and acquire knowledge. Through which the life, universe and God can be known, the mystery of death can be understood, the relationship between life-death can be understood, the mystery of our union with death can be understood or felt. That is why it is said that the search for truth is the true knowledge of the basic form of the soul. Such knowledge can only be possible through spiritual study or theology. That is why it is said that the search for truth is the knowledge of spiritual study related to the immortality of the soul and the path to immortality.

Thus the knowledge of truth means the knowledge of the soul, the knowledge of Brahman or the knowledge of theology through which the veil of infatuation and attachment is broken, the person is freed from the bonds of Maya. When the real form of the soul is realized that it is indestructible, infinite and immortal, its destruction is not possible, it cannot be death, then all sorrows are automatically removed from life. (Since the destruction of power is never possible, only transformation or change is possible, the same thing that Einstein has scientifically proven through his researches) That is when human life became meaningful because the only purpose of human life is the attainment of truth. But we are wasting human life in search of happiness so that we cannot grasp or find the truth and the search for truth remains a permanent search and we constantly wander aimlessly for its attainment.

In order to succeed in the search for truth, one has to understand and abide in the basic form of God (i.e. God is not a person, divine energy without which the worldly or otherworldly purpose cannot be achieved), then one has to know the existence, It is impossible to succeed in the search for truth without having to love all the elements of existence unselfishly. But we become extremely selfish for life and only for our own happiness we can neither understand the power of God nor try to know His existence or find Him. We also lose the momentary happiness we get because lasting happiness can only be achieved by attaining the truth. From that point of view, even if there is a purpose to happiness in life, it becomes inevitable to attain truth.

~ Shilpa shah