There is one school of God which constantly teaches something, do you know about it?
Shilpa Shah, Associate Professor HKBBA College

There is one wonderful school of God through which constantly God teaches us the art of living and important life lessons. Are you aware of it? Do you want to study in that school? Do you want to be a student of God’s school? The school of God is permanent around us and it is nothing but this entire nature or existence where we are living from the beginning but unfortunately not accepted it as a school which continuously teaches us something but we are not getting it. One day a lady teacher who lived next to us asked me that you are a writer so maybe you can give me better guidance as I have to make students work on an essay and the topic is what the pets teach us or what we can learn from the animal. At that time, I had a brief discussion with her on the subject of what can be done for five-seven minutes due to personal haste and a more elaborate discussion was not possible. But when I came home and pondered deeply on this subject, I realized that we can learn a lot from every element of nature, not only animals, but the condition is that there should be eagerness or desire to learn, a lot from every element of nature can be learned. In all cases the rule is the same “where there is a will there is a way”.

This vast nature of God is a wonderful school through which many lessons can be learned in life. Every element of nature created by God has a lot to learn, not just the animals. But for that, one has to identify, understand, subtly observe every element of existence, live with them and also have the eagerness to learn. This nature is a vast advanced wonderful school of God where every element of creation gives us some message but the condition is that we should have the qualities of an excellent student and the desire to learn something new should be active at every moment. What may be impossible to learn through years of school and college studies can be easily known through the elements of nature, that’s why Guru DATTATREYA had 24 gurus and all were different elements of nature. The story of Guru DATTATREYA tells that one should accept the virtue of every element of nature and accept them as a guru. Among the 24 Gurus of Guru DATTATREYA were earth, water, air, fire, caterpillar, beetle, moon, sun, python, sea, butterfly, elephant, bee, deer, fish, harlot, pewit, child, virgin girl, blacksmith, snake, spider etc.

Each element of nature has a special quality and it is through such special quality of each element of nature Guru DATTATREYA attained enlightenment. He got enlightenment from the earth like “कम खाव गम खाव”. We put few seeds in the earth because it does not need more and it gives us multiple times back and the endurance of the earth is infinite, it easily bears all the wounds, the soil or earth tolerates much with less eating. Now he who has to learn can get such excellent material lessons only through the subtle observation of the earth. It is well known that the body and mind of those who eat less and tolerates much always remain healthy and calm. We can take such excellent lessons from the earth if we have the eagerness to learn and the subtle and distinctive vision of observation. The second element of nature is water that imparts coolness and sweetness. Coolness and sweetness like water are rarely found in nature, if you want to learn can learn these two noble qualities from water. And there is no need to say how much value coolness and sweetness have in human life. The third element of nature is Vayu which teaches the precious message of complete liberation from both fragrance and stench i.e. freedom from duality like honour and dishonour. Vayu always flies in the sky in his pleasure, neither does it love the smell nor the aversion to the stench. We can also leave like this by leaving liking and disliking and just wander freely in our own sky and enjoy life truly. The forth element of nature fire teaches purity. Fire is a symbol of holiness. No other element can be found as sacred as fire. Fire itself is holy but it also sanctifies those who come in contact with it. Such a sattvic quality can definitely be learned from Agni. The fifth element of nature that is sky represents the vastness. In short, for those who want to learn, the whole nature can work as the school. But no guru in the world can teach him anything who does not have the vision of observation and the desire to learn.

The ocean, another element of God’s nature, also gives us a clear lesson to never overflow or become shallow in life and never overstep one’s limits. We know that the ocean never exceeds its limits, and though it contains an unlimited supply of water, never overflows or ever becomes shallow by behaviour. Maintains its depth and limits. Can any guru in the world teach such noble qualities as easily as nature teaches? We all know that most of the issues or problems in our life are caused by overstepping or shallow incidents. When we get a little more, we get so overwhelmed, that we invite many unwanted troubles. Instead, if we maintain the limits and depth of knowledge like ocean, then life will remain problem free and progressing. From Moon we can learn special ability of steadiness because it remains constant in every state of growth or decline. In fact, all states are of the body, not of the soul so one should be steady, such knowledge and ability can be learned from Moon. The Sun teaches benevolence and freedom from pride. The whole organism depends on sunlight, but the sun is never proud of it, can’t we be like that? Can’t we learn to be philanthropic like the sun who has the spirit of constant giving?

Much can be learned through the fauna of nature as well as the caterpillars It is that the living being who meditates continuously becomes Brahman. Bumblebee explains that the world is like a lotus and the organism is trapped in it from which he has to escape through God’s grace and strong efforts. The python teaches us to be content with what we get according to fate. If you have observed a python, you must know that once it has found food, it stays in one place for a long time. Not expecting to get much. Lives very contentedly. If such contentment comes in our life then no one can stop the life from becoming heaven. Excessive dissatisfaction rushes and exhausts us throughout life. In the circle of which one forgets to live and by the time one realizes it is too late and life has slipped out of hand. In the same way, from butterflies also we can learn the quality to remain free from attachment. The butterfly teaches us to never fall into the temptation of the world and destroy everything. You must have seen that a butterfly loses its existence after falling in love with the light. His love for light or attraction towards light causes his death. In exactly the same way the lure of this illusory world causes our destruction. Thus the butterfly teaches us to never destroy our existence by falling in love with the world. It is said that the elephant is very sexy animal in the entire fauna. He pours his destruction in the temptation of touch in the desire of pleasure. The subtle observation of which teaches us not to fall into any temptation. The temptation of sensuality or sexual pleasure is a bad thing and should never get trapped in it because it fills life with problems. The lesson to be learned from the example of the bee is to never hoard, hoarding destroys both things and self. You may have seen the continuous collection of honey made by the bee that other people get through the destruction of the bee.

Looking at the history of the human world, it will be seen that when more wealth accumulates in one country, place or person, the attention of other people goes towards it and the alchemy of digesting it is formed and often destruction is caused by it. At one time India was considered as “SONE KI CHIDIYA” that’s why we faced many attacks from all over the world. Which almost wiped out the entire country. The deer teaches not to fall in love with song, music and dance. Because the deer gets caught up in the enchantment of music and dance. The fish teaches not to invite death into the temptations of the tongue and taste. Fish cannot control the tongue and taste and invite death as it goes to eat food caught in the thorn. A dog teaches loyalty. The example of the prostitute teaches that it is more beneficial for human to stay awake for the Lord than to stay awake all night for the man. Pewit teaches that renunciation of collection is always a happy choice. A child teaches the lesson of innocence. A virgin girl explains that living in a crowd increases conflicts, so seclusion should be practiced. A virgin girl teaches lessons of character and virginity. Blacksmithing teaches concentration. Serpents teach living alone and moving alone. The spider teaches that God creates and destroys the world with his own love, just as he makes a web out of his saliva and absorbs it back into himself when necessary so we should learn to live in witness in every situation.

He who wants to learn can learn from every element or living being in the world at every moment. Seeing a eagle carrying a fish in its mouth, many other eagles and crows followed him, and started confusing and harassing him. Realizing the precariousness of the time and situation, eagle let go of the fish from her beak and went to a tree to sit quietly and escaped all the abominations. If we want to escape from the title, then only if we throw away the title, we can live peacefully in the world, otherwise we have to suffer a lot. This lesson we can learned from the above story of eagle. If you have seen a heron hunting a fish, you can surely learn concentration from him which is not seen anywhere else. By considering example of bee one can realised what can be the result of accumulation of wealth. A bee collects honey with great effort but does not get any benefit or pleasure from it. If you have seen a bird building a nest, you will know that no matter how many times someone throws it away or breaks it in a storm, it starts building again with the same vigour and without fatigue, without losing or getting tired. Can’t we learn from such birds how to fight adversity and maintain morale?

There are two types of people in the world 1) such as thresher or dustpan (that is SUPADU) 2) such as sieve or boulter (that is CHARANI). A thresher throws away the waste material like pebbles and allows fine grains to remain inside itself while boulter discards the fine grains and keeps the dust-pebbles within itself. By observing our own self or our daily life we can understand in which of these two categories we fall into. He who takes away the mundane things of the world, i.e. lust greed anger etc consider to be a wise man. As a fisherman sleeps by the stench of rotten fish, the fragrance of fine flowers never lets him sleep properly, so the minds playing with the wishes are like dung worms. If it is happy in dung, if you put it inside a lotus, it will die. Just as if we strike a crocodile with a weapon, it has no effect, similarly a creature bound by MAYA (attachment) does not accept the advises of religion. Even from a lifeless pitcher or inanimate element like jar there is much to learn that person should calm down as it fills. We all know that full jar never makes as much noise as an empty one.

In short, from every animate and inanimate thing in God’s kingdom one can certainly learn a lot, and one from whom we learn anything is like a guru. The scriptures say that there is only one Guru but UPGURU can be many. Guru DATTATREYA had 24 sub-gurus. All those were the elements of nature. God has sent us into this world with a specific purpose and that is to know the world of God. Because by knowing the truth attachment decline. When the true nature of God is understood, dispassion is born on subjects of senses and salvation becomes possible. That is why it is said “Life is something to know not to enjoy only” He who knows it walks towards freedom. A wise man who knows nature enjoys ecstasy even in the world. If we too pass with distinction from this natural school of God, liberation and bliss (SACHIDANANADA) are not far away. It is for the attainment of divine energy that God has created a school in the form of nature and has sent us to learn. So that if we do not waste the journey like a fool, we can gain a lot. He who wants to learn finds a guru everywhere and gets the noble lessons of life from everyone. But he who has no desire to learn, no matter how much you explain him, no matter how many excellent teachers you give him, he will never learn.
God’s wonderful gift to man is the mind and intellect, who use it to the best of their ability can learn a lot from every element of nature. A human being who does not learn anything from the higher school of God can never get anything from any school or college of the world. God has given human life only to learn something and to know God through it. It is for this purpose that God has created a diverse and beautiful world with an infinite number of living beings, through which the living beings can recognize the nature of God and through self-experience, finally attain knowledge and God so let’s make the best use of God’s school from today and win a gold medal.


Shilpa Shah, Associate Professor HKBBA College