One day during the study-circle activity going on in our college, a student asked about the spiritual discussion between us, what is God revelation Madam and is it possible? Have you ever had such a revelation? In response, I told him that before answering your questions, you have to understand first what is God and what is revelation of God.

According to common sense, revelation means real vision or real realization thus real realization is revelation of God and God is not any person but divine energy and eternal existence. From that point of view, the real vision or realization of power and existence is happening to every person at every moment. It’s just that we don’t understand. There is not a single moment of life without the revelation. Realization or revelation is said to have taken place when the existence of God is seen and felt in every element of the universe or in every living being, that is, in every creation. This world or entire existence is in front of our eyes which is very beautiful existence with full of energy that we see every moment and the realization of energy is also uninterrupted. In short, when the existence of God appears in every creation in every creature of the whole nature, it is called revelation.

If there is a creation then there must be a creator because we all know that no creation is possible without a creator. When we make a habit of observing existence without any affection or hatred through the divine eye, then the energy of the Creator is realized in everything. Don’t you think the scent of a rose is a revelation of God? The peace and joy that man feels in the cuckoo’s voice, in the raindrops, in the music don’t you think it is the revelation of God’s power? God means divine energy or eternal consciousness without which there can be no existence right? The entire living world is full of energy and power, otherwise it is considered inanimate. Thus the realization of vitality or energy is nothing more than the revelation of God. Every living being has power. Human beings have physical, mental, spiritual many kinds of power. The realization of the power, the real vision of existence we do from time to time. Which is actually the revelation of God. We seek God visually or personally and also in the form of our deity so that real vision or realization becomes impossible and we are constantly searching for God throughout our life journey. Just like a deer chases the musk scent all its life to get it but how to get what is inside you by wandering outside.

Apart from this, in many small and big occasions in life we have the revelation of God’s power but we cannot accept it. Sometimes we are very confused, surrounded by problems and find a sudden solution, find a way and we are happy. Isn’t that a revelation? It often happens to me that I got sudden solution and feel it like a revelation. What is going to happen in a few days suddenly flashes on our mind and when it really happens in a few days, we considered it as illusion, coincidence or sixth sense and simply forget it. It is actually a revelation of divine power because God is the possessor of infinite power and the essence of that power is our soul. That is why it is said that the soul is a part of supreme soul. Soul has the knowledge of past and future all the time. But we are so preoccupied with our daily pursuits, the craze for money, the pursuit of selfish gain, and the pursuit of many desires that we cannot recognize the startle twinkling that is sudden flashes on our mind.

There is a case just a few days ago. I told one of my college colleagues that my instinct says that you will be sick in next two to five days. I wish it will not happen but such thoughts come to me again and again and in fact within three days of that my colleague fell ill. Such experiences will happen frequently in our life with each of us. It is the realm of the invisible power within us. Which we cannot recognize or understand. The rest of such power continues to be revealed. Another occasion I remember here, we went to Andaman-Nicobar Island in the year 2019. It was sunset time, the beach felt very pleasant and full of divinity. Every traveler was walking towards his abode and I don’t know why but I felt that some unknown force was pulling me towards it. I stood alone on the beach a few feet away from the water. There was no one around. But I felt as if I talk to God or existence from within. I felt some special power around me. I spoke internally to the divine power that I felt your presence here. Indeed, if you listen to me, this wave of the sea comes to me and soaks my feet, then only I will get idea that you are here and have responded to my feeling, and to my surprise, in the oat situation at that time, the water was moving inward, but for a second, suddenly, comes in the opposite direction to where I was. A small wave came and my feet got wet. At that moment, I felt like God was being revealed to me. There can be no other special revelation for me than this.

In short, the revelation of God or the realization of power is the subject of experience which actually happens to everyone from time to time but we do not understand and the person who understand or feel revelation is considered as insane by the public so that one often hesitates to talk about such miraculous experiences or revelations. And we cannot experience perfection. In short God is an entity which experience by us every day but still thirsting for revelation. God is a power, an energy, a consciousness that we experience every second of life because without energy or power no moment exist in life, otherwise it is not life but death. So now tell me is God revelation possible or not?

~ Shilpa shah