A healthy chest is considered a blessing by many, but some big-buxom ladies think otherwise. If your humps prove to be some BIG fashion obstacles (no pun intended,) then make sure to follow these fashion tips for big-bosom girls.

It’s A Wrap

When it comes to dress styles, the best design for big-chested girls is the wrap dress. A mod fashion staple, it can keep your boobs under trendy wraps.

It’s in the Sleeves

The right sleeve length can influence the appearance of your chest as well. For a slimming look, go for three-quarter sleeves.

Know the Right Knit

Knitwear is ideal for the winter season, but if you have big boobs, veer away from chunky knits. Instead, choose finer knits as they can minimize the size of your ample bosoms.

Choose Scoop or V-Necks

High necklines and halters can make you look like you have a ‘uniboob.’ Avoid this by wearing V-neck or scoop neck tops and dresses. The exposed skin helps minimize the size your overflowing chest.

Opt for the Right Jackets

For the winter season, a curvy girl like you should invest in well-fitted jackets. Streamlined styles are the best, as the nipping in the waist can help minimize your bust.

Another great option is the single-breasted jacket. Its simple design can create a slimming, boob-flattering look.

Do remember to avoid boxy or bomber jackets as they can accentuate your chest even more.

Go for Thicker Straps

Should you decide to parade the town in a cami or a singlet, choose one with thicker straps. They can balance out your boobs – and provide ample chest support as well.

Get Your Bra Fitted

Be comfortable and stylish in your own skin by getting a properly-fitted bra. Apart from providing the much-needed support, it can make your clothes look more form-flattering.

Don’t let your heavy-set chest get in the way of your fashion philosophy. Look stunning – without drawing much attention to your bosoms – by heeding these great fashion tricks.


Credit: Raychel