Teeth Care Tips: If you are troubled by a toothache or you have to feel embarrassed due to the yellowing of teeth, then you must mix this thing with salt. Because you have to visit the dentist doctor due to small problems and also have to spend double the money. In this situation, you must use this home remedy because salt is considered good for teeth. So let’s know what mixture with salt will help in making your teeth like pearls.


Due to prolonged illness or consumption of medicines, yellowing of teeth occurs. For this, take a small piece of ginger and rub it with salt, this will clean all the dirt on the teeth. If you have some problem in the mouth, which can cause a burning sensation, then use honey with ginger and salt. This will give you relief.

Mouth ordor

It is common to have bad breath due to dental problems. This problem happens to everyone. For this, gargling ginger and salt with warm water is considered beneficial. This gives instant relief from bad mouth odor and reduces the yellowing of teeth.

Tooth decay

The problem of tooth decay occurs in children to older people as well, people who eat more pan masala or betel nut, their teeth become black and teeth start decaying. In this situation, ginger and salt can prove to be a panacea for you. Rinse it by mixing it with lukewarm water, you will see that the problem of rot will be seen to end.