Sagittarians will feel their confidence, self-esteem, courage enhanced during this period as the Sun in this cycle will illuminate their third house of valor, siblings and efforts. From this position, the Sun will directly aspect its own house of fortune, luck, spirituality and short travels. This will enhance your luck, growth in your career and your seniors are going to recognise your efforts during this time period.

This cycle of the Sun will present you with promotions and many profitable opportunities in your professional arena. Undertaking small and short trips will be beneficial during this period. At this time of the year, it is possible to meet people in high and influential positions, who will leave a deep impression on you and will inspire you to be determined and successful.

Your enthusiasm and energy will help you face obstacles strongly in this duration. Financially, it is a time that will see you achieving monetary and fiscal benefits. On a personal level, you will give the other persons some extra time and attention will pay heed to their suggestion and will be appreciative of the contribution that they have made in your life. This warm and understanding attitude of yours will help you win the heart of your family members, subordinates and will earn you great social acclaim during this period.

You are also likely to undertake spiritual voyages or journeys which will provide you with mental peace, satisfaction and contentment.

On the health front, no major worries are indicated, everything seems fine and heading in the right direction.

Remedy- Wear the Sun pendant set in gold or copper around your neck on Sunday.