Aquarius natives will see the Sun taking a nest in their ascendant which reflects our personality, identity, appearance and self-expression. This planetary movement of the Sun will be significant and is likely to bring maximum benefits for the natives born under this air sign.

Professionally, you will be looking forward to starting afresh leaving behind all the worries and pressure that you faced during the last cycle of the Sun. The presence of the Sun in this house will bestow you with aristocratic aura and confidence. You are going to be at an advantage during this period with increased self-belief, energy and enthusiasm. So, this period is auspicious to try and initiate something new and innovative that you have been trying for long. You will also be able to overcome problems in your area of life by bravery, self-assertion and directedness during this cycle of the Sun. It is the right time to create your own niche in your professional life.

Those owning the business in the form of partnerships are likely to achieve profits and gains in this period as your understanding and camaraderie with your partner will increase during this period. As the seventh house represents society, so, this period will enhance your status among your circle.

Though you might become a bit self-centred and self-righteous during this period, it can give some problems and difficulties in your personal life. So, try and work on this tendency to achieve better results from this transit.

On the health front, as the Sun is the dry planet and is present in your ascendant, it can create some problems related to skin, stomach area and back. So, give proper attention to your health.

Remedy- Donate copper on Sundays.