Allied planets

Allied planets are planets that sit in each other’s fixed home position or in a fixed house. Such planets do not have a bad effect on each other and so they become allied planets and give a good effect. For example, Saturn is the definite lord of the eleventh place and the Sun is the fifth house. Even though the Sun is located in the eleventh house, Saturn is in the fifth house and according to Vedic astrology they are enemies of each other, but according to the Red Book they will be considered as allied planets and will not affect each other’s permanent home.

Blind planets and blind horoscope

According to the Red Book, the planets that are seen during the day are blind at night. These planets do not give vision so such planets are called blind planets and the horoscope in which such planets are located is known as horoscope blind horoscope. For example, if Saturn is in the seventh house and the Sun is in the fourth house, such a horoscope is called blind horoscope. If a person’s horoscope is blind it can affect his family life, professional life, marital life and adversely affect his mental state. If there is Sun, Moon or Mars in the tenth place of Kundli, then that Kundli is also called blind Kundli.

Religious horoscope

If Saturn and Jupiter unite in Kundli, then such Kundli is known as Dharmi Teva. The influence of ominous planets is less in the horoscope of such a person. According to the Red Book, Jupiter is the lord of the ninth and tenth house and Saturn is the lord of the twelfth and eleventh house. The position as the companion planets between the two in the horoscope destroys all the problems and helps the person to get rid of the troubles of life. If there is collaboration between Saturn and Jupiter in the sixth, ninth and eleventh house of Kundalini, it shows good influence in life.

Minor horoscope

According to the Red Book, when the first, fourth, seventh and tenth positions or horoscopes that have no planetary position in all the positions of the center are called minor horoscopes. Apart from this if sinful planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mercury alone are located in these places, such a horoscope is called minor teva. The effect of the planets in the minor horoscope cannot be said to be complete for 12 years, as in such a situation the person born up to the age of 12 only gets results on the basis of previous birth and his horoscope is analyzed after 12 years. If one’s horoscope is minor, he is born under different influences of different planets for 12 years. The childhood of such a person is spent in a suspicious state. From the following list it can be understood that if there is a minor horoscope in which place the planet will affect the native at what age.

The seventh house planet affects the first year of birth.
The fourth house planet affects the second year of birth.
The ninth house planet affects the third year of birth.
The tenth house planet affects the fourth year of birth.
The planet of the eleventh house affects the fifth year of birth.
The third house planet affects the sixth year of birth.
The second house planet affects the seventh year of birth.
The fifth house planet affects the eighth year of birth.
The sixth house planet affects the ninth year of birth.
The planet of the twelfth house affects the influence of the tenth birth.
The first house planet affects the eleventh year of birth.
The eighth house planet affects the twelfth year of birth.

So friends, this was today’s talk. In the next issue we will learn about the debt of the planets. We will understand which sins of our birth or previous births cause patriarchy in our horoscope due to different horoscopes in our horoscope.

Aadit Shah