In today’s time, people adopt many methods to keep themselves fit and healthy. You must spend hours in the gym to get a perfect and slim figure. But if your face is fat and has wrinkles and wrinkles etc., then what is the use of your exercise? This will make you look older. Explain that like the rest of the body, over 57 muscles of the face and neck require exercise to stay toned and fit. So today in this article, we are telling you about some similar facial exercises, which will help in making your face more toned and younger

Do this exercise for the neck

The platysma is the muscle that connects your jawline to your shoulders. Due to the loosening of this muscle, the skin of the double chin and neck becomes loose. To fix this problem, you do this exercise. First of all, stand or sit straight, and tilt your head back as if looking towards the ceiling. hold your head Now turn your tongue slightly upwards. You will feel a slight tingling pain in your neck due to the contraction of the muscles. Stay like this for a few moments and then come back to normal. You do five sets of this exercise.

Do Brow Razor Exercise

This exercise is considered very good for your eyebrows and forehead. For this, place your index and middle fingers together just above your eyebrows. Now lift your eyebrows up and down. You repeat this 10 times. You can do the full 6 sets of this exercise.

Do Jiva Bandha Exercises

This exercise not only tones your face more but is perfect for shaping your jawline. To practice this exercise, first, sit comfortably on the ground and touch the upper part of your tongue to the upper wall inside the mouth. Keep your tongue touching the top wall of your mouth until you feel a stretch in your neck. Repeat this exercise four to five times.