Generally, women do not know what to do to make their skin more beautiful. But, when it comes to naturally beautiful skin, Korean women are no match. Her skin is naturally very glowing and surely seeing her, you must have thought that what she does, after all, makes her skin look so beautiful. So let’s share some Korean beauty tips with you in this article today

Deep Cleansing the Skin Before Makeup

We all focus on face cleaning. But Korean women consider cleaning to be the first and most important step in their skincare routine. Not only this, she deep cleanses the skin before makeup. She not only does face wash but also does double cleansing. For this, she first removes the stubborn dirt on the face with the help of a cleaning tissue. After that, clean the skin with an oil cleanser, so that the oil-based dirt can be removed. Finally, with the help of cleansing foam or face wash, she cleans her face.

Face oil use

According to skin care experts, Korean women pay equal attention to skin hydration along with cleaning. Maybe this is the reason why their skin is very glowing. For this, while doing makeup, she mixes a few drops of face oil or serum in the foundation. If you have dry skin, then you should try this Korean beauty tip once. You will see a huge difference.

Do not rub the skin

This is a small Korean skin care tip, but it has a lot to do with your skin. It is usually seen that we start rubbing the skin while using most of the products during our skin care. But rubbing the skin, has less benefit and more harm. So help Korean women dab or tap the skin. Don’t forget to rub it.