In a metro city named Ahmedabad, Misty, an 11-year-old sweet and cute girl lived with a heart full of curiosity ,love and compassion.

She was gifted an American parrot by his Daddy on Daughters Day. She named the parrot as “Mango”.She went to bird market to buy a suitable cage for Mango.The cage seller had different types of cages.While examining a suitable cage ,she saw a small young newly born black and white coloured Hare.She liked it.She learnt from cage seller that the young hare was only left out as its siblings being white coloured were sold out.He offerred it for a free on buying one more cage.She appealed her father to buy out the small hare also as it would give company to the Mango.She bought the small hare with cage.She also bought necessary food packets for both parrot and hare.She found the joy pleasures of life with parrot and hare. Parrot and hare both were playful. She named the hare as Clover.Undeterred by their wild nature, Misty embarked on a journey of patience and kindness, gradually taming both Mango and Clover.

Misty’s days became a harmonious blend of care, play, and study. With unwavering dedication, she nurtured Mango and Clover, providing them a haven of love and warmth. Amidst her chores, Misty discovered that the companionship of these animals added a unique dimension to her life.

Balancing the responsibilities of nurturing her furry friends and excelling in her studies, Misty demonstrated resilience and diligence. Her afternoons were spent in a playful games with Mango and the Clover, creating cherished memories that echoed with laughter and the patter of tiny paws.

As Misty continued her journey of growth, the bond forged with Mango and Clover not only enriched her childhood but also taught her invaluable lessons about compassion, responsibility, and the profound connection that can exist between a small girl and her animal companions.
She also carry them to her Grandfather’s house at Anand .Both were very much comfortable and playful with her grandfather and grandma.They were very popular among small kids in the neighborhood.

Mango and Clover became the family members and Misty also behaved maturely in dealing with them and her parents.

-Rajnikant Raval