According to astrology, wearing gold is not auspicious for every person. Its result is both good and bad. For some people wearing gold gives very auspicious results, while some people get very bad results from it. It is believed that every metal is related to some planet. Avoid wearing anything made of gold in the left hand.

These people don’t wear gold rings

According to astrology, the people of Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius should not wear gold rings. If the people of these three zodiac signs wear gold rings, then they have to face many kinds of problems.

Do not wear gold in your waist even by forgetting, it can cause digestive problems. So wear things made of silver.

# If you are facing trouble for those who do not have or have children, then such people should wear a gold ring in the ring finger.

# If you want to make married life happy, then you should wear a gold ring in the index finger and always wear a gold chain around the neck.