According to astrology, there is a friendly relationship between the people of some zodiac signs, while the people of some zodiac signs do not form at all. If the zodiac signs whose nature is completely different from each other, if people of such zodiac get married or there is love between them, then this relationship does not last long.

Love relationship does not last in these zodiac signs:

# Aries and Cancer: Aries people are practical in life and Cancer people are emotional. Because of this, the love relationship between these two zodiac signs does not last long.

#Aquarius and Cancer: Aquarius people are active in every matter, on the contrary, Cancer people are moody. The priorities of both the zodiac signs are also different.

# Leo and Taurus: Taurus people like to lead a secure life, whereas Leo people are ready to take risks all the time. Therefore, the combination of these two zodiac signs does not last long.

#Scorpio and Aries: People of both these zodiac signs like freedom. They do not like bondage in any bondage. Because of this, love relations are not successful in them.

#Aquarius and Taurus: Aquarius people express their views openly whereas Taurus people do not like to do so. This becomes the reason for the discord between them.