Today’s women are on foot with men in almost every field, but when it comes to safety, they are left behind here. Safe environment should be included in the essential rights of women. And changing times and needs have also worked in this direction, today many such mobile apps have come, with the help of which they can get help in times of crisis. Let’s know about them.


For the safety of women, this app is equipped with essential features like GPS tracking, emergency contact number, way to reach a safe place. Based on the map, this app pins the safe places around the user, such that the place which is not safe is shown in red color, the place which is absolutely safe is green and the places with gray-yellow color are shown in the category of less safe. come. So that women can be alert. There is also a nice feature that the user can also pin unsafe places to help others.


This app has been launched by Delhi Police. So to use it, first of all you have to register yourself on the website of Delhi Police. An OTP will come in the process of registration, which will be started as soon as it is entered in the mobile. In times of crisis, the user can send SOS messages through this app. Due to which his location and audio-video will directly reach the Delhi Police Control Room and the police immediately reach for help.


The best thing about this app is that it can be used even when there is no internet. By pressing the button present in it, the user can send his/her recent location to the pre-selected contact numbers. Even if the app is closed, alert messages can be sent to the needy people by pressing its button for 3 seconds.


Police of many states of India are helping women and elderly people through this app. On pressing its panic button, it works to send alert messages to emergency contact numbers, as well as to the local police by recording voices and taking pictures. This app also has the facility of call center support.


It is very easy to use this app. In trouble, just shake your mobile phone or press the power button 4 times. By doing this, the message or call will go to the already registered numbers at the same time. This app will work even if there is no internet or no phone, even if the phone is locked.