To increase fat means to invite diseases . If you want to stay healthy for a long time, then keeping your weight under control is most important . Fat accumulates most quickly in our body on the stomach, waist and legs . In such a situation, to bring your body in shape, you should practice according to your essential body parts . If you want to reduce the fat of waist, abdomen and thighs then you have to practice for that . Apart from this, you also need to take the right diet . Today we are telling you 5 effective exercises to reduce belly, waist and leg fat, which you can do easily even by staying at home.You can do it .

1- Burpees- Body warming is necessary before starting any exercise . You can jog standing in one place for 5 minutes . Now you should do both push ups and jumping exercises together to lose weight . To do burpees, you have to lie on the ground on your stomach . Now bend both your hands and raise your legs . You have to take all your weight on your hands . You have to do push ups like this . Now you have to stand up and jump upwards . Do this exercise till you get tired .

2- Jumping Jack- To do jumping jack you have to stand straight . Now your hands should also be towards the ground . Now slowly bend your knees and jump up . You open your feet equally to the shoulders . Now while jumping , move your hands up . Now do this exercise intermittently .

3- Skater Jump- For this stand up straight and take your feet a little wider . Now keep the right leg slightly crooked and cross the left leg behind your right leg by taking it near its knee . That is, your position should be skating . You have to do the same process with your left leg . If you want to shape your hands as well, move your hands crossing them . You can do this exercise according to you .

4- Squat Jump- You stand straight and keep both hands in front of your stomach . Now bend your knees slightly . You have to bend in the same way as you sit on the chair . Keep in mind that you do not have to sit completely . Now you stand up and jump upwards . It is said to be a very effective exercise to make the thighs thin .

5- Plank Jacks- Plank is a good exercise for your whole body . For this you lie down on the ground on your stomach . Now bring yourself to the plank position . You have to bring your weight on your hands and keep the arms straight . Keep the body slightly up . In such a condition, you have to raise your leg upwards after the plank and then bring it straight down . You plank at least 10 times .