We all hope for the best always and pray for calmness, peace and prosperity in our homes. Staying positive and praying is one thing but have you ever thought what else can be done to achieve all your life-goals and attract peace, positivity? Vastu is the answer.

Vastu is an ancient and traditional form of Indian architecture. Let’s know how can we get positive energy through applying Vastu Tips.

The Living Room:

This is the only space in the house that serves as an open playground to a variety of energies entering your home. It is so because all the guests and other family members usually gather in the living room and they carry a variety of energies with them, some positive and some negative. One must ensure that only positive energy stays inside the house. Vastu suggests that the host must face the North or East when guests visit. And guests must be seated opposite to the host. This can be achieved by a simple seating arrangement change. Also, all electronic items must face south, the direction of fire. That will ensure the best and positive energy flows into your house.

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