Article By: Shilpa Shah Associate Prof. HKBBA College


Human life is the sum total of innumerable desires. If desires are subtracted from life, only zero remains. That is why Lord Buddha has said that if you want to enter the “World of Zero”, you have to be free of desires. It is well known that the main factor responsible for all suffering or pain in life is only innumerable desires. Our misfortune is that we want to make life pain-free but cannot make it desire-free. In my personal opinion, without making life free from desire, it can also be pain-free. Willpower is indispensable to know the life and to enjoy the life. In that sense, the existence of desire seems to me to be useful, not in any way inappropriate, because in the absence of desire, life is not life. Desire is the only element that keeps life moving and active. In the absence of dynamism and activeness, life becomes death and death is not liked by anyone. Then one has to understand the real form of desire that keeps life alive because throughout life different desires arise naturally from time to time and the gradual journey of desire fulfillment is the life itself. But unfortunately, we don’t know what is the magic key to fulfill every wish that’s why desires cannot be fulfilled at right time and life becomes depressed and lack of enthusiasm so let us today understand the art of fulfilling all the desires of our life at the right time i.e. know the main four stages of the gradual journey of desire fulfillment.

The first requirement for the fulfillment of any desire is real deep efforts. If the effort is in the right direction, noble, regular and with patience as well as faith, then it will definitely become result oriented. But unfortunately, we all do only donkey work without understanding in the name of hard work never do real excellent effort with deep knowledge. If we want to achieve any goal but do not have the true knowledge of the right tools, how can we achieve success? If I want to go from India to America, I must know the true direction, I must have knowledge about the main means of reaching there, I must understand that labor without understanding is not real efforts. Hard work without knowledge is nothing but donkey work, which cannot be fruitful. Usually we spend our whole life doing ill-directed and selfish efforts without proper understanding which cannot succeed. We don’t even understand the importance of smart efforts and end up frustrated and disappointed, blaming fate. But fate is the result of hard work or efforts. Ethical efforts with regularity and real understanding creates destiny and gives success thus hard work or efforts is the first step in the gradual journey of desire fulfillment. Without which success or wish fulfillment cannot begin.

Then the second step is prayer. The divine power of the universe is always ready and willing to fulfill our each and every desire. But in majority cases we simply forget to remember lord and its power or to tell him our desire which is the great misfortune. Due to lack of proper invocation, despite the existence of the divine power, we cannot get its help. It must be understood that there is a need for prayer after every effort. Also, do not forget that the prayer without hard work does not work, that is, the first prayer does not work. First of all, one has to do efforts because the divine power helps only those who are always able and ready to help themselves. Prayer without hard work cannot be fruitful and hard work without prayer is also not successful. In a negative selfish treacherous age like Kali Yuga our personal power without the help of divine energy cannot prove sufficient. Special power is always required, help of supreme soul is indispensable so prayer is next step after hard work for fulfilling any desire.

After both prayer and hard work, the third step is awaiting, without which result is not possible, because immediate fruit after doing karma is a matter outside the law of nature, meaning it is impossible. Functioning requires time. Time is required for fruition of work just as a farmer first cultivates to get grain, that means he tries to cultivate the land first. Then one expects or prays for good rain and waits for a certain time after completion of hard work and prayer. We all know that mango bears fruit five years after planting. Wheat grows three to four months after sowing thus without truly understanding the stage of inevitability of awaiting, even hard work or prayer cannot become result-oriented thus the third stage of fulfilling desire is proper awaiting which is very essential. The main reason why most of the people fail in life or always feel disappointment or frustration regarding fulfillment of desires is that they do not have full knowledge about this third stage which is awaiting so that they lose patience and lose the winning bets. Patience and faith are very effective during this journey of wish fulfillment as the third stage called awaiting. Only one who can wait properly, have patience and faith can succeed in life. His every wish is surely fulfilled.

Then the fourth and final stage is the attainment of the result, the person who understand the value of first stage that is hard work and do it with right understanding and of the right direction, goes through the second stage of prayer by relying on divine power, truly understands the third stage of awaiting, he definitely attains the result that is great victory i.e. the fourth stage. Desires of majority people cannot be fulfilled in life because people who believe in God leave everything to God and fail to do proper hard work so that they cannot fulfill their desires while there are many hardworking people who do not believe in luck, have the power to create their own destiny, they also fail to succeed because they unconsciously forget the almighty divine power in the universe and their personal power does not prove sufficient for success. While many people fail due to not being able to wait properly after going through both the stages hard work and prayer properly. In short, I am of the firm opinion that to fulfill any desire in life, success can be achieved only if one must understand this successive journey of four phases in a realistic manner.

First proper hard work (efforts) followed by prayer and then necessary awaiting and finally result, thus if our gradual journey progresses through these four stages then every desire of life will surely be fulfilled and every kind of success can be achieved so let’s start this journey of four phases from today itself for fulfillment of any desire and make life complete as well as happy.