Vastu defects in our lives have a direct effect on life. At the same time, the family is also affected by this. Apart from this, there is a rift with the partner over small things in married life and there is tension in the relationship. Sometimes the reason for this can also be the Vastu defect of the house. Many important measures have been given in Vastu Shastra for a happy and successful married life.

These remedies bring love and happiness


Married people should use a wooden bed. Iron, metal bedding can cause tension between the couples. The cleanliness of the room should also be taken care of.

# To increase mutual love and to strengthen your love and trust, keep a conch shell or shell in your room. This will increase love and strengthen your relationship and your partner will not be able to move away from you.

# Do not collect any kind of junk in the bedroom. Also keep it clean. Do not allow dust and dirt to accumulate on the goods kept here.

Never put water paintings in the bedroom. Apart from this, pictures of birds and paintings of white flowers can be used to symbolize love. Due to this married life remains happy.

# After dark, light the light in the bedroom. Due to this the financial problems start reducing. Do not use dark colors like red, black in your bedroom. Use white, pink, cream colors.