Constantly looking at people who are attracted to jokes, fun, kidding, comedy serials or movies, I used to think that how can people live in this type of artificial environment, without realizing real happiness, wasting invaluable human life in getting just momentary pleasure by doing ha-ha-hi-hi., And also gives others a wrong impression of how to be happy. Activities in the name of laughing clubs seem to me like a drama or play of pleasure. We all know that drama can never bring true joy. Happiness is the real existences of God which can be achieved naturally no artificial efforts are needed. Happiness is the nature of the soul that’s why Sat-chit-ANANDA is so important in the spiritual world. Sat-chit-ANANDA is the basic form of soul and supreme soul. That is why we always choose the truth, chit i.e. striving for knowledge and being attracted towards pleasure. The constant activity of fun, kidding or jokes is not real happiness but it is our ignorance that we consider it as happiness. Although the happy or joyful personality is very serious, his aura is so happy and impressive that those who come in contact with him forget all their sorrows for a moment and become happy.
PUJYA MOTA has explained the word “प्रसन्नता” in a very different sense where the first word “प्र” and the last word “ता” have been utilized to make real word that is “सत” more explosive. According to the rules of the treaty, two “न’ becomes “त”. The original basic word in “प्रसन्नता” is “सत” means truth or existence. Thus, when we experience the “consciousness of being”, happiness shines. Awareness of such being has to be manifested or cultivated automatically. Consciousness of being means who am I? Knowledge of the soul, even if you don’t want to understand happiness at the height of spirituality, then also happiness can be only experience with the consciousness of being. Just like when someone praises us we come to know that people like me, we are instinctively happy, similarly ownership feeling of wealth makes us happy, if something is lost and we can’t find it despite working hard and suddenly if we get it we feel happy. In short whenever happiness is found it is found suddenly. Happiness is felt when difficult work is solved or any of our invincible desires are fulfilled. All these examples show that happiness is nothing but consciousness of being. When something is done in proportion to its merits and in a sense of true superiority, a kind of joy that we feel is called happiness or pleasure. Thus full open hearted laughter, calmness in life, peace in life, certainty of life means happiness or pleasure. Happiness or pleasure is a kind of serenity and openness of mind, simplicity, instinctiveness, which does not seem to be a burden in spite of sufficient reasons and circumstances to be worried, such a state of mind is called happiness or pleasure. Happiness is not a state of ecstasy that can be achieved through nonsense tools like comedy serials, laughing clubs or jokes.

Scientific research shows that when the mind or soul is very fond of something, a special chemical is produced in the body, which is a factor responsible for a person’s laughter. Such a chemical can also be injected into a person’s body and made to laugh, but it may not be as beautiful as the actual form. Happiness is the feeling of satisfaction that comes when all the work of life is done properly. Happiness makes the mind cool and calm and the state of heart becomes like a light flower, being happy makes you see, openness of mind, engrossment in emotions, balance of mind, discretion, neutrality etc. flourish automatically. The certainty in happiness is immeasurable. In short, to be happy means to manifest the original virtues of the soul. Pleasure is the constant effect of the influence of the soul. From the feeling of happiness, readiness, devotion, clarity of speech, enthusiasm about knowledge, sincerity about friend, respect for elders, humility towards guru, seriousness about mind, curiosity about virtues and devotion to God arises.

A cheerful person should not be too talkative or silent, his speech should not be harsh but clear enough, his speech should have the spirit of living sacrament, no negligence or carelessness should arise in any of his deeds. A happy man should never be lazy. We all must have experienced that whenever we are sad we don’t like to do anything, laziness arises automatically. Happy man is very lively and active. A lazy man cannot be happy. Happiness is a real sign of a purposeful life. Without happiness, one cannot survive in the world, in ordinary work or in business. Happiness is necessary to live in short. Even though happiness is a natural quality, sometimes it is necessary to cultivate it. Happiness lasts only when nothing feels bad there is no sadness, no jealousy, no unnecessary anger. Thus the main factors hindering happiness are lust-anger-greed-infatuation-ego-jealousy etc.

The first condition of attaining happiness is liberation from many such vices as well as desire for attainment of happiness. The journey of happiness cannot go on unless there is a desire for happiness. The main tool for cultivating happiness is curiosity. In fact we are not fully aroused by the curiosity to be happy, so that we cannot have it permanently. There is no best guru like curiosity, only curiosity draws nerves, curiosity shows practical steps. Only our mature thought of being happy can make us happy. It is not possible to get results without awareness of anything. When we leave home to go to the office, only our awareness takes us to the office, we all know that the mad man is constantly wandering, can never achieve the goal. It is our awareness that awakens us. No one can disturb the man whose goal is happiness or pleasure because there is no one else in the world who is more powerful than self or soul, never let others be more powerful than self who can destroy your happiness or pleasure. Maybe even if there is a problem in life, the goal of real happy man is to try to find a solution to the problem instead of thinking about the problem. Also a happy person is very neutral, calm, stable and prudent so that the problem can be solved very quickly. A person never makes mistakes whose priority is happiness or pleasure and who has awareness of the highest order. But our priority is not happiness as well as in the absence of awareness we cannot experience happiness or pleasure.

The main enemy of happiness is infatuation and jealousy or feeling of liking and disliking (raga-DWESHA) which cannot destroyed or eradicate completely even by taking many births but it can be reduce by sincere efforts. If an unwelcome guest comes to our house, we cannot be evicted, but we can be kept away. If we make such an understanding to avoid raga-DWESHA, then complete happiness in life will last forever and that is what is called true paradise. A little child wants something and if you give him some other different thing he will throw it away and if he gets the desired thing he feels satisfaction and joy. Similarly if we have real demand for priority of happiness and awareness no one can stop us being happy. Happiness in short is the feeling of lightness or freedom in which nothing seems to be burdened and its attainment is not possible without giving up our years old insistences, opinions, beliefs, assumptions and prejudices. The human intellect is both a helper and an enemy that is benefactor as well as harmful. The intellect is also motivated to preach where it cannot see, from which unnecessary difficulties and calamities arise. Happiness stabilizes the intellect. The spirit of friendship with the whole living beings only perpetuates happiness. Because it reduces racism, reduces the feeling of competition, awakens compassion, increases adventure and empathy, increases goodwill, ego starts decreasing so that the conscience of a person becomes as immaculate and transparent as glass. In which hills, oceans, rivers are becomes very much visible but a person is neither broken by the weight of the hills nor is he drowned by the sea. His conscience becomes happier by embracing all in himself. Avoiding conflict, confessing sin, and reconciling all together, as well as acknowledging, eliminates indifference. Thus happiness means nearness to God. That is why it is called that honesty + purity + happiness = divine power. Through which the sense of action becomes sharper and more subtle, the intellect becomes richer, the nerves can withstand shocks and repercussions, the mind ceases to make resolutions, the vision on the true path of life becomes sharper, the vices weaken, the mind calms down, the power to understand life increases, no boredom experienced. Think what could be a bigger achievement than this?

The source of such happiness is love, hard work, faith, hope and patience. Love fills us with zeal and enthusiasm, hard work and sincere efforts helps us get closer to the goal, faith works the right way and we are sure that victory will be ours, while the hope of holding on to the goal of happiness keeps us steadfast and unyielding. Patience proves to be very useful in sticking to Awareness and Priority (which is a prerequisite for happiness). So let’s pledge to always be happy.


~ Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College