Shahnaz Husainis a Indian manufacturer of Herbal cosmetics, She is able to start her own brand for herbal, ayurvedic and traditional cosmetic products and now is trading her products not only in the country wide, but in the whole world.

She had a very struggling life ,, she was engaged at the age of 14 and married at 15, at such a young age she was loaded with so many responsibilities in her life, despite in such situations she faced and came out beautifully. Soon she realized that she needed to do something with her life, she can’t just be a mother, or a wife, she actually wanted to do something with her life and she did it. With the help of her father she was able to register herself for Helena Runistinee School , after graduating from there she then completed her course for beauty techniques from Germany, after returning back India she started her own cosmetic firm.

She said in her interview that her firm initially started selling her products from the veranda of her house and had no idea that she would achieve so much with her startup.According to her “Entrepreneur are not born, they are created”, se also says that she has never seen obstacles as obstacles in her life, she says obstacles are the best way to check our potential .

Her “can do” attitude made her to win the race and lead it ultimately, she owns a Youtube channel where she shares her ideas and beauty hacks with her fans and now she is the most trusted person and her brand too comes in 1st place when it comes to ayurvedic beauty products. She is able to achieve all these love over these years due to the constant efforts for her love towards beauty .