While winter was here, I loved the season,
You’re now gonna ask me my reason.
The cold foggy mornings took my breath away,
With dew drops shining until the break of the day.
The trees were bare but the ground was golden,
As if a yellow carpet was spread with the leaves that had fallen.

We shivered with cold and rubbed our palms,
Mummy would scold us but dab our noses with balm.
Hot chocolate is what my taste buds knew,
Or my nostrils were filled with steaming coffee brew.
Soft cosy blankets warmed us at night,
Not wanting to get up, just seemed so right.
But now the cool breeze is slowly passing by,
And pretty butterflies have begun to fly.

Little leaves and buds have sprouted on trees,
As the sun shines upon them after the winter freeze.
It’;s time to store away the woollens,
And ice creams have replaced warm muffins.
The grey sky is now bright and clear,
For winter will be back only next year.
I’;m gonna miss my blanket and my frosty mornings,
Nevertheless, spring & summer are equally heartwarming.
These were the many reasons,
Why I love my winter season.

Shamim Merchant