Asmussen’s latest sculpture called “Frozen in Time” stands at the Schreiber Cenotaph Park
Olivia Levesque ·

Schreiber Ont., artist Kim Asmussen crafted a life-sized ice sculpture for the local Cenotaph park in his hometown. Asmussen has received international attention for his previous outdoor artwork, which includes large-scale two dimensional snow mosaics. (Kim Asmussen/Facebook)
An artist in Schreiber Ont., who is well known for creating unique pieces of art in the snow, has taken to a new medium this winter.

Kim Asmussen has started to craft sculptures out of ice blocks and has been placing the final pieces around his hometown.

“Last year I took a crack at [sculpting] a baby grand piano and it was a live and learn procedure … I ended up finally making it through trial and error. So, I wanted to look at it a bit more in depth this year so, I did more researching on how to build the clear blocks,” explained Asmussen in an interview with CBC Radio.

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