Harade is a herb made from triphala powder which is also known as herbs. Harade if eaten daily relieves various problems. People who have constipation are more likely to take it. And eating hard also clears the stomach. And there is also relief in constipation. There is also relief from the problem of gas. If Harade is consumed, the disease is eradicated from the root. Harade cleans the stomach and improves the digestive system and activates it. Apart from this, this herb is also proven to detoxify the body and reduce weight. Regular consumption of Harade for weight loss can lead to weight loss. As well as being helpful in digestion, it also gets rid of gas, acidity and many other problems and helps you to lose weight gradually.

When you have a toothache, making a toothpaste and applying it on your teeth relieves toothache. And doing so will relieve all the ailments related to teeth. Collecting the gums paste in thin buttermilk and rinsing it removes the swelling on the gums and also gives relief in toothache.

Harade is a blessing in disguise for men who suffer from constipation. To get rid of constipation, eat Harade’s paste with a little salt and half a gram of cloves and cinnamon, then the constipation disappears in a few moments. In today’s world almost all people suffer from constipation. Harade powder is very beneficial in the problem of constipation. Mix a pinch of salt in this powder and eat it. You will notice the difference yourself.
If you have any skin allergies, decoction of herd is a cure for acne. For this, make a decoction by boiling the fruit of Harade in water and taking this decoction regularly twice a day gives relief to your skin energy very quickly.

Harade paste is applied gently by hand near the eyes to get rid of eye problems and its food also increases the brightness in the eyes. And relieves inflammation.

Consumption of herd relieves digestion. For that, by mixing ginger in the herd powder before eating, the appetite opens well and the appetite starts to feel. At the same time, mixing ginger, jaggery or cinnamon salt and eating it improves digestion.

VR Darshana Ranapura