One teacher has asked a question to one of my personal friend who is ritualistic Brahmin, if all our deeds are done by the will of God, then who is responsible for evil deeds and if evil deeds are done by God’s will, then why do we have to suffer the fruits? According to the scriptures, the single leaf does not move without the will of God. Everything in the world that is done by someone through mind-word-action is the will of God. This means that if credit is given to God for good deeds, then God is also responsible for bad deeds. But according to the principle of karma, one is responsible for every good or bad karma because almost every action done through speech, thought or behavior is done by a human being with full consciousness and awareness. In addition, our own determination and many desires play an important role in karma. The good or bad results of each karma a person has to suffer himself. The fruit of good deeds is happiness and the fruit of sinful deeds is pain, suffering or adversity. It is natural for an intelligent person who reads and thinks more through this contradictory literature to question who is responsible for any kind of karma and whose will is responsible for it. Moreover, if good deeds become possible by the grace of God (not by personal will or determination), then God is also said to be responsible for evil deeds. If bad or evil deeds are done by God’s will or by the same logic as above, then why should human beings suffer the punishment, it should also be dedicated to God.

Since my friend a ritualistic Brahmin did not have the answer or solution to such questions, one day seeing my convenience, he asked me a question, in response to which I have discussed with him in today’s article it is mentioned. Because such questions have disturbed all of us for ages and creates many confusions. So that if my personal understanding can solve someone’s confusion, then my effort or spiritual journey will be considered successful. Before answering the above questions, it is necessary to clarify a few things like who is God? What role does it play in our lives? How do humans make decisions? What factors do human actions or karma subject to? Etc. First of all, I think it is necessary to understand that behind our every action, many factors like our nature, instincts, habits and choices are responsible and behind these four things, many of our ancestral rites or actions are responsible. The imprint of the sacraments or deeds is stored in our conscience. According to which the person arising from the cause is compelled to act accordingly. Sometimes after the work is done he also realizes that it has gone wrong and inappropriate. But at the moment when the lusts of the past dominate, the task becomes uncontrollable. It is natural to understand that if the fruit of which has to be enjoyed, such as careless sowing is done in the field or bitter seed is sown, then its bitter fruit is obtained only with time. In short, many lusts, sacraments and instincts are responsible for any good or bad deeds done by us.

The decision taken before any action takes place behind it plays an important role as it is the experience of all of us that karma takes place after the decision is taken. It is our intellect that makes decisions about any task that is a part of the human conscience. Conscience includes mind-intellect CHITT and ego. The function of the mind is to make resolutions and choices while the function of the intellect is to make a right or wrong decision. But the ego of a person is always the guide of the mind as well as the intellect in the decision-making. This ego is stored in the CHITT subject to the memory of many births. Thus the memory stored in the CHITT of many births proves to be the most important behind the action, deed or decision. This memory is formed by many lusts and sacraments. The better the education, rites and habits of many birth, the more the memory becomes constructive, noble and benevolent. Which always pushes a person towards noble and virtuous deeds while improper education, many bitter experiences, negativity, rudeness, selfish tendencies push a person towards sinful deeds. Which a person usually has no control over. That is why the scriptures advise that one should refrain from reacting immediately when such unwholesome motives arise due to natural limitations or subject to pre-lusts. One should practice restraint and delay the time to make a decision or do karma. One should behave patiently so as to avoid evil deeds. We must also be careful not to re-create any improper memory in our conscience. The memory stored in the mind is like a computer hard disk, just like when a command is given to a computer and many seemingly identical windows are opened at the same time, if the same motives are created in life, the same whirlpool of many reactions begins to form. Sometimes a misdeed is committed without the control of the person, as a result of which the destiny of enjoying happiness or sorrow is created. Which is almost impossible to avoid.

Thus, behind the goodness or badness of deeds, it is not God what is actually responsible for the memories of many births in the conscience. It is through such memorable knowledge that a person usually makes a decision and acts which determines its outcome or fruit. Moreover, God is not a person but a divine energy, or supreme power. It is through this energy that the whole of existence is in motion. We all know that no action or karma can take place without energy or power. Making decisions also requires energy. The mind-intellect-CHITT-ego is responsible for the work done by everyone. Which is only a gift of God to the living being. Human beings can make life better and happier through its proper use. That is why the soul is considered a part of supreme soul. Which is a storehouse of power, a storehouse of knowledge and energy, through the use of which many deeds become possible and decisions can be made about it. In the absence of energy, the intellect has no power to make decisions, so neither a madman nor a crazy man can make a decision. It is impossible for a man without power to do any physical or subtle work. In that sense it can be said that every action is done by the will of God because God is an energy, a power that is required for every type of action. But the direction of the use of such divine energy or power determines right-wrong, good-bad, desirable or evil.
Yes, it can be said that a person who is constantly in good thoughts from birth to death, who is careful not to make inappropriate actions or inappropriate decisions, who is aware of the misuse of God-given power or energy, is a self-controlled, virtuous, selfless person. -The immensity of the subconscious mind helps. From that point of view, worship or grace of God is essential for doing good deeds. Worship of God here does not mean worship of any person or idol, but worship of the divine power that we already have. That is the inevitability of its proper use. It is not possible to do good deeds without it. From that point of view, it can be said with certainty that good deeds are possible only by the grace of God. But it remains to be seen that the misuse of this same power is also responsible for evil deeds which may be due to the lust rites and dispositions of many births. No matter how many good speeches you give to a person with demonic qualities, he will never be ready to give up his demonic path and will only choose very selfish and sinful deeds. Thus he is forced to abuse the energy (divine power) available to him. But if he decides it through strong will and determination, he can change direction, that is, he can depart from demonic qualities to divinity, he can attain divine qualities. He has energy (that is, God exists). The only question is the direction of its use.

The use of energy in the right direction makes a person a god while the use of energy in the wrong direction makes a person a demon. From a scientific point of view, God is the divine energy or divine power which is eternal, through which the whole existence is sustained, which can never be destroyed. The only question is the use of this divine power, for which God has given man the gift of excellent elements like mind, intellect, conscience. Man can use his discretion to avoid evil. E.g. If a person has a habit of drinking alcohol, gambling, eating tobacco or junk food due to past or present improper rites, companionship or lust as well as even if SATSUNG, virtuous conduct, love towards God is naturally less, he is determined to give up evils or move towards good that is always possible. If you want to go towards virtuous conduct, you can do it with firm determination, regular practice and little guidance or help. (The help can be in the name of God, faith, guru, education or any other)
Besides, another special thing to understand here is that even a leaf cannot move without the will of God, which is one hundred percent true because do you think that any work in the world can be done without energy. Energy can be of many types i.e. physical, mental, economic, social or spiritual. In that sense, God is one hundred percent responsible for every action. But since God is not a person, only a man or doer who uses energy in the form of God can enjoy its fruit. That is why the prudent use of energy becomes a partner of happiness while the improper use of energy becomes a partner of misery. How can a person who uses a bomb in the form of a formidable force escape the destruction caused by the force? Fire can never burn itself. It can only benefit or disadvantage those who use it. Thus, only those who use the energy or power are entitled to its fruit. Shakti itself (God Himself) can never reap the fruits, it is always bear by the users or Shakti. If heaven is created through the creative use of energy, its happiness is never in the destiny of energy or Shakti, it is always remains in the destiny of the doer who uses power judiciously.

In short, in answering many of the above questions, if we scientifically understand who is God and how the memory of many births in the conscience works, we think we can avoid such confusing questions and choose the right path with the right answer. We can live a very comfortable and happy life. All that is needed is to understand God scientifically in the form of divine energy and, unfortunately, if any negativity has taken root in the memory, it must be removed by understanding, determination and practice so that no evil deed or improper decision is taken which has to suffer its fruits. That’s all I have to say.

Article By: Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College