Ways To Get Rid Of Skin Tan: Exposure to strong sunlight in the summer season can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Staying in the sun for a long time can cause scorching on the skin, but it can cause problems like sunburn and skin tanning. Similarly, sometimes due to the bad effects of sunlight, the skin becomes very dry, rough and dark. Talking about the serious side effects of sunlight on the skin, the chances of damage to the skin from sunlight and UV rays and increasing the risk of skin cancer can also increase greatly.


To avoid the problem of skin tanning in summer, where measures like applying sunscreen, wearing full-sleeved clothes, using an umbrella and avoiding going out in the sun can be adopted, at the same time, to clean the skin tan or avoid this problem. You can use some natural remedies to get relief from it. Here we are writing about some such home remedies prepared from easily available things at home. Keeping in mind your skin type and skin allergies, you can also use these tips this summer. (Tips To Get Rid Of Skin Tan In Hindi.)

Lemon juice is natural skin bleach

Lemon juice acts like a natural bleach for the skin and it can brighten the skin tone. Vitamin C is found in lemon which, being a good antioxidant, can make your skin healthy. To improve the skin darkened by the sun in summer, massaging the skin by mixing things like glycerin, honey, potato juice or rose water in lemon juice is considered beneficial. At the same time, rubbing lemon peels on the dark and rough skin of elbows and knees gradually clears the skin there, the texture of the skin also becomes better.

Cucumber juice cools the skin

The juice of vegetables like cucumber nourishes the skin, provides relief from irritation and also improves the complexion of the skin. In summer, the juice of these vegetables is applied to get the lost tone of the skin that has become rough and darkened by the sun. To get rid of skin tanning , grate cucumber and squeeze its juice and mix it with rose water in equal quantity. Then apply this juice on those parts of the body which come in contact with sunlight. Leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then clean the skin with plain water.