These days oversize T-shirt is going on in a lot of trend among women. As cool as they look, they are also very comfortable and easy to wear. Especially graphic print T-shirts are becoming very popular in the young generation, which you can style with shorts, jeans, skirts, etc. You can easily buy these loose-fitting tops in any market. Not only this, if you want, you can also include your brother’s or boyfriend’s t-shirt in your wardrobe. Here we are telling you some different styles of wearing an oversize t-shirt which will make you look different every time and you will be able to try it with a new style. To change your fashion game, you can follow the styling tips mentioned here.

Off shoulder look
If you want, you can wear your extra oversize T-shirt while creating an off-shoulder look. If you try this with shots, it will make your look even cooler. If you want, you can try a corset belt with it.

Tuck in style
If you want a casual look, then you have to tuck your oversized T-shirt into your jeans or trousers. If you want, you may or may not wear a belt with it. It will make you look casual and stylish too. You can try this with your denim skirt, or shorts for a better combination. If you want, you can tuck it in many ways, such as front tuck, side tuck, back tuck, etc.

Knot style
If you want to follow fashion trends, then you can try a knot style on your oversite t-shirt. These days site is not becoming quite popular. It will make your look unique and you can try it with high-waist jeans.

Dress style
You can style it like a shot dress. For this, you must have a beautiful belt. With this, if you wear boots and carry boho jewelry, then it will complete your look. You can also wear a blazer with it.