To look stylish, you need to update your wardrobe according to the season, because different types of clothes are worn in every season. It is a bit challenging to look fashionable in the rainy season, but you can look stylish this season by making a few changes in your wardrobe.

Right fabric

In this season, you should wear outfits with fabrics that dry quickly, so instead of thick cotton and khadi clothes, wear outfits made of georgette, chiffon, light cotton, muslin, and silk. Chiffon and georgette Kurtis, tops, saris, etc. get dry quickly when wet and are quite comfortable too. So, make sure to include these fabrics in your wardrobe during the monsoons.

Shorts and neon colors

Instead of jeans and trousers, wear shorts, skirts, etc. during the rainy season. Also, neon colors are in a lot of trends. These colors are best for monsoon. Neon-colored Kurti and the top is a perfect choice for rain. Also include Capri, midi, wraparound, one-piece, lose one-piece shirt in the wardrobe. Bold prints, animal and floral prints will give you a trendy look in monsoon.

Waterproof watch

If you do not go anywhere without a watch, then keep your expensive branded watch this season and get a waterproof watch from the market. Nowadays many types of designer watches are available in the market which is specially made for rain.


Along with clothes for the monsoon, you should also choose footwear very carefully. Don’t make the mistake of wearing leather sandals or shoes. You can buy flip-flops, gumboots, wedges crocs, etc. to match your dress this season. This footwear not only looks stylish but also dries quickly after getting wet.

Trendy accessories

To look stylish, along with clothes and footwear, your accessories should also be a little different. So instead of boring black umbrellas and raincoats, make colorful, polka dots, graphic or transparent umbrellas, and raincoats a part of the wardrobe. Rain ponchos are also available in the market, which will make you look attractive. You can also carry a waterproof handbag. Along with nylon and plastic tote bags, transparent handbags for less luggage will also give a stylish look.