There is confusion among people regarding the date of Rakshabandhan. Some are talking about celebrating Rakshabandhan on 11th August and 12th August. Agra’s astrologer Dr. Arvind Mishra told that this year the full moon of Sawan will be more than three hours after sunrise on Friday, 12th August, which is auspicious and best for Sakalyapadita Tithi, religious rituals, and Rakshabandhan.
He told me that on Thursday, August 11, it will remain till 10.36 am at 10.36 am. At the same time, Bhadra will start, which will last till 8:51 pm. Rakshabandhan is prohibited during Bhadrakal. Therefore, the festival of Rakshabandhan will be celebrated on the 12th of August. On the other hand, in the Thakur Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan, the festival of Rakhi will be celebrated on the full moon on August 12.
Acharya Prahlad Vallabh Goswami, the servant of Banke Bihari temple, told that all the festivals in the temple of Bihariji are celebrated on the basis of Udayatithi. This time the full moon date will be from 10:39 minutes 33 in the morning on Thursday, August 11, to 7.06 in the morning on Friday, August 12.
Devotees sent rakhis to Banke Bihari Maharaj
That is why according to the temple rules, the Rakshabandhan festival will be celebrated on the 12th of August according to the date of rising. He said that on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan, all the rakhis and affection letters sent by thousands of sisters from all over the country and abroad to be decorated on the wrist of their brother Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj would be dedicated to the service of the Lord.
He said that in these rakhis, special gifts have also come along with gold, silver, notes, and many types of rakhis. This time more than 10 thousand rakhis have reached the temple office and services for Thakurji. On this occasion, multi-colored clothes, silk garlands, and divine items made of milk cream will be offered to the Lord.
Markets buzzed on the festival of Rakhi
The markets of Agra-Mathura have become buzzing for the festival of Rakshabandhan. There are different types of rakhis in the market, but this time the craze for rakhis is being seen especially for Yogi-Modi and bulldozers. Apart from Rakhi, clothing and gift shops have also been decorated. Women are shopping at sari and suit shops.