On the occasion of Independence Day, a special dress code is kept in colleges and offices. People celebrate independence by wearing outfits of three different colors included in the tricolor. So how can you experiment with the three colors present in the tricolor – orange, white and green, let’s know here.

Experiment with saree

You can wear a tricolor sari meaning a sari with a combination of orange, white, and green colors on this occasion. Which will look perfect according to the occasion. If you are not able to find a sari with all three colors, then you can also choose the option of a sari with any of these two colors. A third option is to complete the look of Independence Day by teaming up a blouse of the remaining colors with a saree of orange, green, or white color whichever is available.

Experiment with kurta or suit

There are many options in this. If you are thinking of carrying a kurta, then you can choose any one color. At the bottom, you can add lingerie, pants, or salwar of any one of the remaining two colors. By the way, the option of jeans in the bottom with a kurta is also the best.

On the other hand, if you carry a kurta with a dupatta, then you can add every color of the tricolor to it. White-colored kurta, saffron means orange-colored dupatta, and green-colored salwar, lingerie, or pants. It would be a wonderful combination.

Experiment with scarf

If you do not have any of the above outfit ideas, then you can wear a simple plain white-colored kurta and carry it with the three-colored dupattas present in the flag. This is also a good option.